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How does Facebook’s dynamic remarketing work?

PPC Bee’s currently testing Facebook’s remarketing campaigns with the first clients. Today, though, we’ll discuss how remarketing on Facebook even works.

By Michaela ZákopčaníkováMay 22, 2020 | 5 mins read

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PeckaPodcast: Automating PPC Campaigns—The Advantages and What It Entails

A few days ago, Jakub Rejnuš from PeckaDesign invited Ondra, our tech lead, and Martin Zítek, our long-term Heureka partner, to join his podcast and discuss not only what makes automation so important and beneficial, but also its difficulties and what to avoid if you want to really benefit from automating your campaigns, assuming you’re thinking about doing it.

By Michaela ZákopčaníkováApr 29, 2020 | 10 mins read

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Try SMART Shopping Ads campaigns in PPC Bee

One of the main things that the latest version of PPC Bee brings is a separate process of SMART Shopping Ads campaigns creation. These are a combination of classic Shopping Ads campaigns and display remarketing campaigns. Not only they make campaign management a little easier again, but they can also help you maximize your conversion value and extend your reach.

By Michaela ZákopčaníkováApr 9, 2020 | 6 mins read