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Why PPC Bee? Because you have to think Bing!

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PPC Bee, a unique tool for managing and automating product campaigns in the world of e-commerce, has once again sprung with an innovation. This time a long-awaited and in practice tested connection with the Bing platform.
| Dec 5, 2017
So far, PPC Bee has been able to maximize the effectiveness of text campaigns in AdWords and Sklik tools, but the need to step into the higher performance or expansion of e-shops has required the addition of a possibility to manage Bing campaigns in the App as well.

If you hesitate whether Bing is the right thing for you, bet on it!

As current figures on Bing network market share in the world disclose, it is a platform that you should not forget about if you intend to offer or if are already offering your products abroad.

One reason may be the fact that ads with identical keywords are much cheaper here than on other platforms resulting not only in lower CPC, but also in getting better positions. And the reason is so simple — less competition.*ywzFcefLDw0y_HLb.jpg*ywzFcefLDw0y_HLb.jpg

Source: Twitter Bing

Bing in PPC Bee

Some of our clients see the same potential in Bing as well. Thus, we decided to be helpful. For some time already, you’ve been able to see something going on with PPC Bee. We have thoroughly tested the innovation and now Bing is accessible to all of you.*nmcukCfgLKPNIvM8.png*nmcukCfgLKPNIvM8.png

In addition to AdWords and Sklik advertising systems, Bing has become another platform to advertise your products through PPC Bee.*Isk_bPMLDj5Z4zfE.png*Isk_bPMLDj5Z4zfE.png

You can now come across Bing not only in the basic setup tab, but also in the
campaign setup wizard, moreover, you can also check your ad text and keyword settings under Campaign Control, or set advanced CPC rules for Bing.*RaAhNNK2XP_8bjxk.png*RaAhNNK2XP_8bjxk.png

Linking BING Account

Linking to your Bing account is similar to AdWords account, through your MCC
account. After linking your organization to your primary account, in Bing’s campaign settings, you choose the specific account you want to link with your campaign.

BING Settings

In the Bing campaign settings you can also specify a budget and CPC campaigns targeting at languages and locations, and some may be new to Location Type, which can be set in Bing. You can choose one of three options:

People in or searching for or viewing pages

People in or searching for viewing pages

People in

More about Bing targeting here:
  • Use PeopleInOrSearchingForOrViewingPages if you want to show ads to people in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location.
  • Use PeopleSearchingForOrViewingPages if you want to show ads to people searching for or viewing pages about your targeted location.
  • Use PeopleIn if you want to show ads to people in your targeted location.

It does not differ even from Sklik and AdWords in the bidding sync options, where you can choose from the following options:
  • If you turn off the option to sync your campaign budget and sync your ad group CPC, you can set up bids directly in Bing.
  • At the same time, you can add your own keywords directly to Bing after you turn off the Remove Manually Created Keywords function from the system.
  • Think about your Bing settings thoroughly before starting the first synchronization. It will be possible to change it later only in the system, not in the PPC Bee.

Keywords & Advertising Texts

For Bing campaigns you can create keywords as you are used to. But remember, Bing does not allow setting modified broad negative match.You can create brand new ad texts, or you can turn on Bing and advertising texts on your existing ones. Creation of sitelinks for Bing is not yet possible in PPC Bee. Step by step. :)*XGgu7BWQRF_nZhnB.png*XGgu7BWQRF_nZhnB.png

If you feel comfortable advertising on AdWords and Sklik platforms through PPC Bee, Bing will be no surprise. Do you want to try out how easy it is to get maximum results from product campaigns? Proceed as follows:
  1. Have a look at the short and apt video tutorials
  2. Use the PPC Bee trial for 30 days free of charge
  3. Set your first campaigns — even in Bing!
  4. Use client support or the manual

So good luck and let you conversions grow heROIc!

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