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A wider selection of synchronization frequencies now in PPC Bee

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PPC Bee is now a little more flexible, thus a little more “for everyone”. We decided to broaden our range of fees. Whether you own a small eshop or a big one, we believe that you can combine a tariff that will be tailored to your business.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Nov 21, 2018
When setting the tariff, you choose the level of client support and also synchronization frequency (meaning how often you need to have the product information updated). And that is where the range is now extended by one more option. Until now, it was possible to choose from the following options:
  • 1 synchronization per day
  • 4 synchronizations per day
  • 12 synchronizations per day
  • 24 synchronizations per day

Now there is a new option — 8 synchronizations per day. This is a great compromise for clients who needed more than 4 synchronizations but felt 12 was too many.*cPrh2oLcIDERa2Qw-Q_kgQ.png*cPrh2oLcIDERa2Qw-Q_kgQ.png

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