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Tech Crunch Disrupt - Day 2

Mornings are always hard after an amazing networking party sponsored by Cheetah Mobile. We talked to a few very interesting people. We are tired so we are focusing on other startups and their work. Startups are working hard to attract attention of every single soul passing by. We have put together some photos for you, so that you can enjoy TCD atmosphere as well:
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Sep 25, 2015*zpAh7LdhObbsO_ca.jpg*zpAh7LdhObbsO_ca.jpg

Startup Alley is refreshed with new startups, new energy and ideas. Tomorrow we will be there too.*dpPiI52IancuuFWe.jpg*dpPiI52IancuuFWe.jpg*J88duAr98qW15Qej.jpg*J88duAr98qW15Qej.jpg

Virtual reality was one of the biggest categories of this year’s TCD. They were doing crazy stuff like this motion capture without any camera.*SNC0JxfbGmsndomX.jpg*SNC0JxfbGmsndomX.jpg*Xeimy3YEPKqX7IwbmDjQIQ.jpeg*Xeimy3YEPKqX7IwbmDjQIQ.jpeg*-iRUvsG1fRNrjDfOHYw-Iw.jpeg*-iRUvsG1fRNrjDfOHYw-Iw.jpeg*fmIlZt-7RIfJwlPO6TQkdw.jpeg*fmIlZt-7RIfJwlPO6TQkdw.jpeg

Sci-Fi? TCD was filled with Holograms, Robots and VR beasts.*NybYcEaIjUfCzk7bPsn23g.jpeg*NybYcEaIjUfCzk7bPsn23g.jpeg*82-0T0SemJosMhoccMeqSQ.jpeg*82-0T0SemJosMhoccMeqSQ.jpeg*65fpKYN1edMGWVv1.jpg*65fpKYN1edMGWVv1.jpg*ienc8HrdvFJFs1IGDiHfbg.jpeg*ienc8HrdvFJFs1IGDiHfbg.jpeg*aXJQhICWOU4lTwzxacvS4w.jpeg*aXJQhICWOU4lTwzxacvS4w.jpeg*1SSS0hnhfYT0qOF-n_PnvQ.jpeg*1SSS0hnhfYT0qOF-n_PnvQ.jpeg*E_eWzbDlf7HNYOUNyZRWug.jpeg*E_eWzbDlf7HNYOUNyZRWug.jpeg*IwpRcGGqA_upQYeN.jpg*IwpRcGGqA_upQYeN.jpg*wVCLYeznZUPZN_hM.jpg*wVCLYeznZUPZN_hM.jpg*uYFPctPxuBEtmQ2O.jpg*uYFPctPxuBEtmQ2O.jpg

The third day is coming. Well, good luck for us in presenting PPC Bee to the world.

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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