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PPC Bee at WebExpo 2017

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If we could describe this year’s WebExpo in a few words it would be like this: great speakers with interesting presentations about wide variety of topics in the beautiful center of Prague.
| Oct 16, 2017
When we arrived, we quickly got our tags and were ready to attend as many presentations as possible. Choosing the topics we wanted to go to wasn’t easy at all! The program was divided into three parts: development, design and business. The presentations were held in four different places: Lucerna Great Hall, Lucerna Cinema, Theatre ABC and Lucerna Music Bar.*GW7bl0fF2jEitjBT.jpg*GW7bl0fF2jEitjBT.jpg

Design presentations were full of cool ideas, and the most interesting one was by Sagit Siegal. Her presentation focused on the topic, “What language does your product really speak ?”, where she explained differences between how our product is perceived by native and non-native speakers. She also talked about what we should avoid when creating text for our product, and also how to help even non-native speakers to have the same performance as native speakers.

The most interesting one (and by far the funniest) of development part was the first presentation: “Microservices architecture” by Jiří Riedel. Judging by the name of presentation, one would think that the content will be a long description of this type of architecture and its many advantages. We got a fresh criticism instead, for example not everything that Google, Facebook or Netflix does is also good for your startup or project.

The proof of a really wide variety of topics at this conference was the presentation titled, “Alternative Block Uses: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, by Dominik Stroukal of Liberal institute. Blockchain is special type of distributed decentralized database, which keeps its integrity and security by cryptography. This revolutionary technology is used as a shared accounting book for the crypto-currency, Bitcoin. Unfortunately however, it can also be used as marketing tool, which is trying to take advantage of Blockchain’s popularity, without real need of its usage.

The motivation behind this wrong usage might have two reasons: ignorance and misunderstanding of basic principles (the Bad), or intended false advertisement of clients and users (the Ugly).

Even though there were small failures — like the stifling heat, and poor acoustics in Lucerna Great Hall — we rated the WebExpo Conference highly. The most positive things were the wide variety of topics, and really good organisation.*TvR7ZBG7TJ7IV1CO.jpg*TvR7ZBG7TJ7IV1CO.jpg

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