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English brunch with our clients: a meal for better performing product campaigns!

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We wish to be much closer to our clients. The entire year of 2017 was in the spirit of focusing on their wishes and needs. 2018 will be similar. As a courtesy for what PPC Bee users and clients have done for us, we invited them to join us for an English brunch with plenty of delicious food, coffee and talks about the 2017 news and what to look forward to in 2018.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Apr 20, 2018
You will find presentation of the 2017 news here. A presentation of the 2018 news is available here.*7WaVgOZrDbL1P_-gt6lumQ.jpeg*7WaVgOZrDbL1P_-gt6lumQ.jpeg*EgYOp-5Qfb0A2-rPvQmV8Q.jpeg*EgYOp-5Qfb0A2-rPvQmV8Q.jpeg*RPxw1VorqkYkHmvqS97uRQ.jpeg*RPxw1VorqkYkHmvqS97uRQ.jpeg*nmkZjtFV-dLiKjbth4EqaA.jpeg*nmkZjtFV-dLiKjbth4EqaA.jpeg*CSg5B1HH3gyoEJVeZShU1Q.jpeg*CSg5B1HH3gyoEJVeZShU1Q.jpeg*r60ow1lov6Z6FJxnkRchYQ.jpeg*r60ow1lov6Z6FJxnkRchYQ.jpeg*RgsfJmKzxH7O2Q3Kfhs9FQ.jpeg*RgsfJmKzxH7O2Q3Kfhs9FQ.jpeg

After the event, a number of clients enjoyed it so much that they did not feel like leaving at all! That’s why we’ve decided that we’ll organise these kinds of meetings more frequently. We will share our progress with you, we will talk about what users struggling with and how we can help, and you will be able to share your experience with each other.

So far, we have come up with a concept that we call “PPC Bee Automated Kitchen”. Because what we care most about is your happiness: if you are happy, we want to know. Do you feel lost? Then we re here to help. Follow our blog, Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter, so that we don’t forget to let you know about the next meeting.

And how did our English brunch impress those who arrived?*MkTcCH_avQ3qbTwzPS2FFQ.png*MkTcCH_avQ3qbTwzPS2FFQ.png

“The PPC Bee brunch concept was a nice surprise for us and the wonderful hospitality was not the only reason. The possibility to talk to system developers in person about the various situations we face with clients in PPC Bee and get tips for possible solutions has been very beneficial. In case of a system like PPC Bee, it is important for us to know what direction it is going to develop in, what options there are and how we will be able to continue to work with it. This event helped us greatly in these respects.”*01cH0n5uN8JkBymwAVo0EA.png*01cH0n5uN8JkBymwAVo0EA.png

“The breakfast was great. There is nothing better than a debate with people who have the tool in their hands. Director, founder, developers, support staff, everyone has a lot to say to you if you can ask. I’m looking forward to knowing where PPC Bee is headed and I’m happy that we have a good partner. Moreover, they cook well :)”*Yv4AoeHJZc49dGidferVsA.png*Yv4AoeHJZc49dGidferVsA.png

“Since I do not cook too much, the invitation for a brunch was undeniable. And when all comes together with a useful “mini conference” with people from PPC Bee and their clients, it is ideal for me. Have some breakfast, listen to the news, chat with programmers, complain to support, share opinions with other clients. Can you imagine a better morning? :)“*OL3Pwti2vHYqYjB8uN9vBw.png*OL3Pwti2vHYqYjB8uN9vBw.png

“The breakfast at PPC Bee is like Christmas Eve: everybody is friendly and in a good mood. You get to eat good food, drink delicious coffee, and when it comes to unwrapping gifts, you don’t know what to enjoy more. And the gifts were many many! We cannot wait to get the new tools to play with. :)”*jFe1KJQnc0sDstWvvzzE3Q.png*jFe1KJQnc0sDstWvvzzE3Q.png

“It was definitely a great experience. We had the opportunity to meet people from the sector, get to know the coming PPC Bee features and speak with you guys in order to solve problems/doubts related to our campaigns. All of that happened with our very best mood thanks to the delicious food, which we enjoyed several times, the great “King cafe” and the kick from the Bohemia sekt mixed with orange juice, a perfect mood booster for a -10° morning.”

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