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PPC Bee celebrates its 4th birthday!

No member of our team will object to us saying that PPC Bee likes to celebrate and doesn’t miss any opportunity to do so. But the opportunity that presented itself recently was so great that we decided to invite all of you to join us — PPC Bee celebrates its 4th birthday! Apart from a big birthday brunch, we’ve prepared many presents in the form of, not only, improvements on the app you can look forward to receiving soon.
Naturally, we greeted everyone and made sure that no one would sneak into the breakfast room without clinking glasses of mimosa with us first. Then, everyone could dig in.


The guests could also give coffee beverages a try. After all, no breakfast is entirely complete if there’s no coffee. And since we’d kicked things off with the mimosa, why not experiment a little? So we invited Ondra ‘Oňa’ Štökl, a great barista, to mix fantastic alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for us, made from the delicious Sofee and the gang.

“Curling Strategy rules PPC Bee’s 2019”

As already mentioned, we also wanted to use the meeting to show off what we’d been working on and what we’d achieved over the past year. And so Hanka Habermannová, our CEO, took the word, presented some basic figures and comparisons as to how well PPC Bee had done in the last year, and revealed some details about our business goal: the “Curling Strategy” where each team member strives to make sure that your road to successful campaigns is clear and free of any obstacles or problems.


Then, Ondra Bartas, the magician responsible for the app, took the word and informed clients about the huge amount of work done by the development team… And what a staggering amount it was! The one thing we’re truly happy about is Delta Sync which decreases the campaign synchronization time by almost 70 %. At the same time, PPC Bee now allows you to automate DSA campaigns as well. We’ve also improved the way variables work, and made the notification platform much easier to navigate. Moreover, the whole app was re-designed from the ground up — and its online manual with it.


After, the business team sent Jindra Jíra forth to present a brief, but specific report on how well the business side of things had gone since PPC Bee entered the market. Jindra didn’t limit himself to mere figures, though. He portrayed PPC Bee as a powerful tool for expanding abroad and told the guests about how it, along with the PPC experts of our client ui42, helped eyerim to expand. And he didn’t forget to mention that the companies, which would expand abroad this year, included PPC Bee itself.


Pavel Vachek stepped up last to reveal what everyone was most interested in — what we were intending to do this year. Because we want to make PPC Bee as simple and accessible for you as possible, we’ve decided to add two new types of data sources — Google Sheets and Merchant Center. Moreover, we’ll be adding the option to filter out columns in the campaign overview to make everything easier to navigate. And because the whole point of PPC Bee is to save time, the editing in bulk functionality is coming.

“PPC Bee Insights presents data enhanced with Search Query Report results”

PPC Bee used to include Monitoring which will undergo a huge change this year and will be turned into a PPC Bee Insights functionality, offering graphic data views enhanced with, e.g. Search Query Report data, and also allowing users to include some important action steps as a part of optimization.


Over the last year, we’ve managed to launch the beta version of PPC Tuner for some of our clients. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about — PPC Tuner is a tool which easily finds any expensive low-conversion keywords, enabling the user to simply remove them. Other models are being planned. At the moment, we work on a model which would suggest negative keywords to be added, based on a Search Query Report.

“The new DSA campaign version will allow you to bypass the 25 000 products per Google Ads account limit”

We’ve mentioned that DSA campaigns have been successfully launched. There was one thing, though, which bothered us about them, and that was the 25 000 products per Google Ads account limit. So we put our heads together and came up with a way to bypass it. You too, can look forward to DSA vol. 2!

“With Demo Shop, you can try out the most optimum settings for different types of goods”

In case you’d like to try PPC Bee with a different type of product than the one that’s the subject of your campaigns, but have no applicable data source lying around, we’re setting up a PPC Bee Demo shop where you’ll be able to download the necessary data source and upload it to the app. Also, the app will contain a Demo account where you can be inspired to correctly set up campaigns for different kinds of goods.

“PPC Bee will now allow you to automate Shopping Ads (PLA) campaigns”

And finally, the high point of all the new features we’re preparing — Shopping Ads (PLA) campaigns! Thanks to these campaigns, you’ll be able to choose products with PPC Bee conditions, set up CPC on the product level, or set up CPC rules and time limits for PLA campaigns, just like for product campaigns.


As you can see, there’s no lack of plans to execute or work to be done. However, our roadmap is based mainly on your wishes and requests, and so there was a Q&A session where all clients could ask Hanka, Ondra, Jindra, or Pavel anything and suggest an improvement or new functionality straight away. Once all questions were answered, everyone returned to eating, networking, and meeting new people because after all, that was the main point of the Tuesday brunch.


If you couldn’t attend the brunch for any reason but would still like to talk to us about the app, to give us feedback, or if you have any suggestions for improvements, don’t despair. We and Ľubomír Ruska, our UX designer, are putting together a test team in order to fine-tune everything that concerns you. If you’d like to join our test team and take part in the app’s further development, contact us at info@ppcbee.com! :)


Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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