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We’re expanding to… another city!

Although our colleagues come from all over the country, so far we’ve only been meeting in Prague, a remote place to many. And because a lot of our geniuses are based in Czechia’s eastern region we’ve decided to establish a new office in Brno.
Hana Habermannová
| Oct 17, 2022

First the city, then the exact location

Our vision was clear. We were looking for a place that’d inspire us, we’d enjoy coming to, and where our colleagues would have everything they need. We wanted a place where new ideas, brands, suggestions would flourish. And we’ve found one.

After thoroughly exploring various spaces and co-working offices we’ve settled on the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC), located right next to colleges of the Brno University of Technology. Because I lived, studied, and worked in Brno for a long time I’m quite familiar with JIC. The association supports start-ups, innovation, promotes technology and education, and builds communities of enthusiasts eager to develop their ideas. I’m very happy we’ve been able to become a part of such an environment and share it with great, inspirational neighbors.

The border is near

The Brno office has given new opportunities to our HR department as well, moving us closer not only to candidates from South Moravia but also to those from Slovakia. As a result, the number of candidates interested in working for us has increased. The new closeness to people is an excellent benefit. We no longer have to look for colleagues in and around Prague only. Now the best professionals from all over Czechia can join us. What’s not to love?

We’re also nearer to clients from the country’s eastern region. One day in the future maybe we’ll get to know each other at a workshop or a meeting in our new office space.

Look at how comfy we’ve made our new home :)

Hana Habermannová
COO of PPC Bee
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