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Gain Visibility with Google Ads Extensions

Man, how did your competitor manage to add a picture, phone number, and information on special offers to their ad? By using ad extensions in their Google Ads. Additional information and visual elements can secure more clicks. And thanks to PPC Bee you can now avail yourself of this opportunity too—as well as of a few special features.
Marek Turnhöfer
| Oct 16, 2022
The one who offers the most doesn’t always win in search results. You may have offered a lot of bang for a click and placed first but the second ad looks sexier and visitors pick it instead. Ad content is quite important when it comes to catching a visitor’s attention. Thanks to PPC Bee and its automation tools you’ve saved lots of time and can now invest it in your creative content. Our app allows you to play with the settings of all Google extensions, getting people to pay attention to your ad.

Hot news! Google is moving extensions to Assets. Soon the label "Google Extension" will disappear from the world of PPC. However, the formats of individual Extensions do not change.

Which extensions can be set in PPC Bee?

Shortly—all of them. Let’s go over them in brief. Think about which extension could attract more visitors to your campaigns.

Sitelink extensions

Probably the most noticeable of them all. Suddenly your ad takes up twice as much space as it did before. This extension supplements your ads with links to specific pages of your website. Simply compose a short sitelink text, description and include a link, making it so that the ad links to related products, categories, or any other page. Definitely remember to add this extension to your arsenal! 

Images spice things up

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is doubly so when it comes to search results filled with letters. A well-chosen image will pop when surrounded with text search results. You can also throw in an image to make a splash in the SERP. And thanks to our Image Editor, you can easily edit your images for free!

Callout extensions

Sometimes it's hard to fit all benefits into an ad description. Suddenly your ad is missing a strong message that could have convinced a user to click on it. The callout extension enables you to supplement your ad with additional reasons to make a purchase—free shipping if a certain amount is spent, a pacifier as a gift, or info about your company being the best in the market. You can cram all this in your ad!

Call extensions

Do you want customers to call you or give a hard time to a colleague operating the customer service hotline? Add a call extension. Your phone number will be displayed right next to the ad, allowing mobile users to place orders by phone or learn more information with a single click.

Structured snippet extensions

You can improve your ad with a structured snippet extension to include a list of services, brands, or favorite destinations. However, it only gives you a partial control over the content and have to stick to Google’s basic categories. But if you’re happy with the categories it can be the best extension for your ad.

Promotion extensions

Are you running a special offer? Tell Google users; they’ll definitely be interested considering the times of global price hikes we’re living in. Google will display information on price along with the search ad, showing users the discounted amount, the duration of the special offer, and terms. Congratulations, the penny-pinchers are yours.

When are extensions displayed?

Unfortunately, this isn’t up to you. You can set all extensions for individual campaigns, ad groups, or the entire account. But it depends on Google’s AI whether or not the extensions show. The AI has to believe said extensions will improve the likelihood of particular users clicking on your ad.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. You don’t pay a single extra dime for adding an extension to your ad. But you will pay for interaction with your extensions, no matter if it was a click or call.

Why should you use PPC Bee to set your extensions?

There are several reasons why you should use PPC Bee to set your extensions:
  1. In Google Ads Editor you can only set extensions on the account, campaign, or ad group level. PPC Bee enables you to use filters to assign extensions to your ad group's individual items;
  2. You can work with variables in your Google extensions at will. Pick any information in your feed and use it. Would you like to supplement your callout with a list of versions (always up-to-date!) or show special offers without having to tinker with additional settings whenever a promotional event is launched? You can. And this is just a fraction of the ways in which variables are useful; 
  3. You can use our Image Editor to include an image extension. This saves you the need to fire up other apps. Simply insert your image, crop, edit, and save. No other program or graphic designer necessary.

Play around, test, launch, and turn off

There is no easy trick to 100% attract more visitors. We recommend you use all relevant extensions and test which one of them works the best for your specific campaigns. A lot also depends on the content. If creating good content isn’t your strong suit, poke your copywriter or content designer who’ll polish the content of your extensions. 

We wish you good luck and many new visitors!

Marek Turnhöfer
Editor of PPC Bee
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