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Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns Are Coming to an End

Smart campaigns in Google Shopping are done for—Google is ending their support by September 30, 2022. By that date it won't be possible to create any new Smart campaigns. But there is an easy solution.
Marek Turnhöfer
| Aug 25, 2022

You won’t be losing your campaigns. Throughout July and August, you can transition your Smart Shopping campaigns (SSC) to the newer Performance Max with a single click. If you don’t do it yourself, Google will at a later date.

What can Performance Max do?

Performance Max, Google’s latest campaign type, shows ads across all Google channels—with a single campaign you can now make your mark in the search network, Gmail, content network, Google Maps, or even YouTube. Performance Max not only works with creative materials but can also display your products in the search network, replacing Google Shopping campaigns. Simply put, Google gives you a lot of bang for your buck to achieve the highest possible amount of conversion for the price or ROI you set. Learn more about Performance Max on the Google website.

Transitioning SSC campaigns to Performance Max is a piece of cake

There’s nothing easier than to transition your campaign by yourself if you feel like it. This is how:

  1. Go to the Recommendation section of your Smart Shopping campaign, find the migration tab, and click “Apply”.
  2. Confirm and your Performance campaign will be immediately created, containing the original materials, settings, budgets, and data.
  3. The SSC will be automatically removed and its name assigned to the Performance Max campaign. The ad is created automatically.
  4. Now you need to include additional information (images, headlines) in the advertising materials. Although Google makes it look like a useful tip only, definitely don’t forget to do this.
  5. And you’re done. Now wait for the campaign to be confirmed and launched. The more data in the original campaign, the sooner the Performance Max campaign launches.

How are campaigns transitioned in PPC Bee?

You pretty much don’t have to do anything at all. The app recognizes any changes in your Google Ads account and automatically transitions your Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, Asset groups included. Your original campaign data will be preserved.

It doesn’t hurt to check

Although we take over the process for you, we recommend you check to make sure the transition was done correctly. Don’t forget to also go through your materials and campaign data from before the transition. If you notice any flaws, contact us at support@ppcbee.com.

Take notice—PPC Bee includes your Google image in the materials for your Performance Max campaign but doesn’t allow you to further edit it. In order to edit it in Image Editor, you need to upload the image directly into the app.

Marek Turnhöfer
Editor of PPC Bee
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