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We’re All Grown Up. We’re 7 Now!

Which is a wonderful age for a start-up. We’ve been through a lot, accomplished many things, and still have many plans left to carry out. Let’s take a brief look at the past and see what the future might hold.
Marek Turnhöfer
| May 9, 2022
For most of us, our earliest childhood memories involve things we experience at around the age of 7. This is when we fully relish our life and observe the adult world with confusion. Successful start-ups age faster than that. In seven years, they go through much more than a large corporation does in thirty. That’s our case as well.


Does the idea of PPC Bee being the ultimate online marketing solution sound too bold to you? We’ll see in the next 7 years! And we’re definitely getting there. Our app is still learning new tricks, support for new systems is being added all the time, and we keep educating (not only) our users. Small steps just aren’t our cup of tea!

We’ve measured our growth

Children lean against doors for their parents to make a line on the frame and boast to their family friends about how much the tots have grown up. Our methods to measure business growth are a bit more sophisticated. Ondra and Hanka have dug up the data on the company’s beginnings, and compared them with the data for the previous year.


PPC Bee 7.0

It’s time to talk about the most important updates from the previous year. 

We can earn our bread!

And what a bread it is—a delicious artisan bread with pumpkin seeds, fried onions, and crunchy crust. Yes, this indeed is a clumsy metaphor for our expansion. Thanks to investments from Reflex Capital we have enough capital to fine-tune the app, actively acquire new customers abroad, and last but not least we’ve managed to gain an experienced partner.

We know how to go about Performance Max

Google took the next step to manage the campaigns of Google Ads users on its own. Performance Max has been with us for only a while and many PPC marketeers are still feeling it out—which is why PPC Bee integration is the best way to fully explore the possibilities of this new advertising tool.

Image editor (not only) for dynamic product ads on Facebook

Content is king. On Facebook, this applies sevenfold! A well-set ad makes a small splash if cats bristle up at the sight of its banner. The ad just must look good! Which is where the new Image Editor comes in. When creating their content, users can use the software to combine info from the feed, play around with images, or simply make their work easier with our fine-tuned templates.

Feed exports for dozens of platforms

Everyone wants something different. Developers from Google, Facebook, and other platforms just can’t agree on much. A Facebook feed looks a bit different than a Google one despite using identical data. What should you do if there’s no programmer around? Either scour the internet for a solution via another app, or use PPC Bee’s new crafty feature which can export data to more than 40 platforms, used by people all over the world.  


People have improved as well

We keep talking about PPC Bee as a company or application. In fact, though, it’s made up of people. It was them who gave the business its culture and results, it’s them who created the app. A lot has happened over the past 7 years. Take a look at our unique gallery where our colleagues will tell you what they’ve learned, which new achievements they’ve unlocked. And beware—many of them decided to share a childhood picture.

Note: The answers are in czech.

“What’s the most important thing you’ve learned over the past 7 years?”



Thanks for being there with us!

Marek Turnhöfer
Editor of PPC Bee
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