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Get the best creatives for Facebook with Image Editor

Want to have the best creatives that will increase your CTR for Facebook dynamic product ads? Then use our Image Editor. We've prepared new features for it and we also have a special Easter promotion for all new users.
Martin Černý
| Mar 29, 2022
Breaking through with your products on Facebook hasn't been as easy as it used to be. You can't punch a hole in the world with precision targeting anymore, because Facebook itself usually decides who to show your ad to based on its artificial intelligence. In addition, advertisers have been using Facebook more and more in the long term, so not only is the cost per click rising, but users are also increasingly cultivating what is known as "ad blindness". This means that over time they start to ignore some ads because they have seen them many times before. How to get out of this vicious circle? With unique creative that catches the eye at first glance! With this idea in mind, we created the Image editor last year and now we have new features and a SPECIAL EASTER PROMO ready for you. 

Every new user of Image Editor will get it for two months for free, and we have unique Easter templates ready for everyone to dazzle your customers.

What does Image Editor do and what is it good for?

Image Editor is a graphic program integrated into PPC Bee that allows you to edit your product images and send enhanced versions of them to various advertising systems - most commonly Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. The Image Editor works like classic graphics programs, so it can erase product backgrounds, work in bursts, any elements in it can be filtered and timed (e.g. for special events in the year), and most importantly, it can dynamically transcribe values from your data source directly into creative. So you can have the discount amount, price and other values directly displayed in the creative for each product. You can explore the Image Editor in more detail on our website, or check out the video that explains how to use the Image Editor in conjunction with Facebook Dynamic Product Ads.

New and improved Image Editor

As we wrote in the introduction, templates are now available in the Image Editor. Thanks to them, you don't have to complexly create the entire creative yourself, but you can use one prepared by us. We have six Easter templates ready for you to use for your Easter campaigns. And more to follow.

Besides, you can use the feature of elements that you can imagine as several images in the Image Editor linked together. While the template is a complete creative prepared by us, you can prepare the elements yourself. These can be backgrounds, symbols for free shipping and much more. We have prepared a few dozen elements for you to try out.

In addition to templates and elements, we have also made other minor improvements to our Image Editor. Specifically:
  • You can upload images in .svg format and change their color
  • You can upload multiple images at once
  • You can lock individual images in the creative and move them simultaneously
  • When moving elements, a grid is displayed to make it easier to align the elements
  • Canvas zoom
  • Your work is continuously saved and you can restore the previous version from history

All the new features and how to use them properly are described in detail in our Learn database, including video demonstrations.

Easter Campaign with Image Editor

We have a special promotion for everyone who starts Image Editor by April 18, 2022. In addition to the classic 30-day trial, you'll get a full month of free use of Image Editor from us, making a total of two months of free Image Editor. And it's worth it!

Martin Černý
Editor of PPC Bee
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