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Expansion into new markets and platforms has never been easier

Are you planning to expand abroad or want to expand your advertising to other domestic platforms? PPC Bee can make it much easier.
Martin Černý
| Mar 14, 2022
There comes a stage in the life cycle of every business when it is no longer enough to keep improving what you have, but you have to take a big step to move your business forward... For example, it could be expansion into a foreign market or reaching new domestic customers through other advertising systems/comparison sites. But in order to do that, you need to get your data into these new platforms somehow, which can be quite complicated. But with PPC Bee, it's a piece of cake.

Each ad system or comparison site you want to advertise on has some set of mandatory parameters that the advertised products must contain. These parameters vary from platform to platform both by the content itself and by the name (a product name might be called "title" in some places, "name" in others, etc.).

This is where PPC Bee's Feed Exports come in. With this feature, you can export data from your core data source in exactly the format needed for your ad system or comparison site in just a few clicks. This makes it very easy to get into a new market or system without the need for programmer intervention.

PPC Bee TIP: A good quality data source that is as broad as possible is essential. With a few exceptions (see below), Feed Exports work by selecting the data from your data source that is required or recommended for the system/platform. If you are missing some data in your feed but it is also on your site, use our Feed Scraper feature.

Feed exports in the new

New feed export templates are added to the app almost every month and there are already over 50 of them (March 2022). In addition, we've now made them easier to search for, both by name and country of destination, and by type. What's more, you can also vote for the ones we should make next or suggest new ones yourself directly in the app.

Some of the most recently added feed exports include Wish, the world's largest online marketplace eBay, and furniture and decor comparison site Biano.

Practical applications

One of our biggest clients that uses feed exports is Alza. This originally Czech electronics e-shop is constantly expanding its product range and the markets in which it operates. This naturally entails the need to constantly expand the number of platforms through which it advertises.

At the moment, Alza exports 16 feeds to 5 different countries via PPC Bee. 
Thanks to PPC Bee, Alza saves significant time and costs, because programming and maintaining so many feeds is a work for weeks for several programmers, while feed exports in PPC Bee can be reliably controlled by any advertising specialist. So, for example, if a mandatory delivery time field has to be filled in for an export to the German comparison site Billiger.de, the feed does not need to be interfered with by a programmer, but the specialist simply fills in the value "2 Tagen" (two days) in the free field and this parameter is automatically written to all products that are sent to the comparison site.

The ability to clearly filter the products from the original data source that are sent to the advertising systems is also one of the great advantages that our feed exports can do. Do you sell fashion and home accessories? It's very easy to filter by category the products you send to the Glami fashion comparator and those you send to the Favi furniture and decoration comparator. Or do you want to send products with a certain price or margin to the comparison sites? No problem. The options to filter products are virtually endless and it's up to you which route you take. However, it's worth reiterating that having a quality and as broad a data source as possible is essential to achieving your goals.

You certainly don't have to be big like Alza to use Feed Exports. With a very friendly pricing policy, this feature is suitable for all clients regardless of size.

Export on demand

There are thousands of different advertising systems and although we are constantly expanding the list of feed exports, you may want to use one that we don't yet support. In this case, please email us at info@ppcbee.com and we guarantee that within two weeks after delivery of its specification the export will be ready in the application. Or, if you're an adventurer at heart and like things under your own control, you can create the feed yourself in a little while. When you select a custom CSV feed in the export menu, you can easily choose whatever parameters you want the feed to contain. In just a few moments, you'll have a finished export exactly to your liking.

So what are you waiting for? Come with us to master other advertising systems. Instructions can be found in our Learn database. Plus, if you export less than 1,000 products, you don't have to pay anything. And that's a good deal!

Martin Černý
Editor of PPC Bee
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