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Czech technology company PPC Bee receives investment from Ondřej Fryc's Reflex Capital

Christmas shopping also involved the Czech startup scene. On 21 December 2021, Reflex Capital, Ondřej Fryc's investment fund, made an equity investment in PPC Bee, which develops and operates its own eponymous application for automating and managing digital campaigns.
Martin Černý
| Jan 24, 2022
Reflex Capital was founded by Fryc after his exit from the online store Mall.cz in 2013, and the best-known companies in the portfolio include Productboard, Rekola and Smartlook.

PPC Bee has long been increasing the volume of campaigns under management by around 100 % year-on-year and clients spent through PPC Bee app nearly CZK 1bn in 2021. PPC Bee plans to increase this volume to 20 billion in 5 years. The high growth rate even without external capital, the unique product and the global potential of the company are among the main reasons that led Reflex Capital to invest.

"The guys have managed to build a great product, we believe that our experience in e-commerce can push them even further, especially abroad," said Ondřej Fryc, managing partner of Reflex Capital.

In the current ownership structure of PPC Bee, Pavel Vachek, who is also the CEO, holds 75% and Ondřej Bartas, who leads product development at PPC Bee, holds the remaining 25%. Reflex Capital will now hold 12.4% of PPC Bee, for which it paid tens of millions of CZK. 

"We expect from the entry of a strategic investor mainly faster entry into foreign markets, faster recruitment of new colleagues and greater investment in marketing. However, the investment from Reflex Capital is not only of a financial nature. At the same time, its partners will provide us with mentoring and the necessary know-how in key topics," said PPC Bee CEO Pavel Vachek.

Martin Černý
Editor of PPC Bee
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