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PPC Bee in 2021 through the eyes of Pavel Vachek

I spoke to Pavel Vachek, CEO of PPC Bee, about how he views the development of our app, what features he sees as revolutionary and where he would like to see it go in the future.
Marie Majerová
| Sep 23, 2021

Pavel, what is currently changing in PPC Bee and what new features can users look forward to?

For my part, I see it as essential to mention the features that have been working for us for a long time and thanks to which our users can create and run more powerful campaigns.

Undoubtedly worth mentioning is our Data enrichment, thanks to which we are now able to connect additional data to existing feeds, for example from the web using Scraper, but we can also pair information from Google Analytics, Google Sheets or Facebook and Heureka statistics without any problem. The fact that our app can link two feeds into one is something we take almost for granted.

Over the past months we have worked significantly on other Feed exports, which we have tested for a long time, debugged any bugs and at this point, we have presented them in a final form, of which we are duly proud. For this reason, we have decided to charge for the exports that are no longer labeled BETA. We launched the first Feed exports more than three years ago and during that time hundreds of our users have had the opportunity to test, try and use this feature for free. We don't look at charging for this feature as a big source of revenue for the company per se, but we want to invest the incoming profits into further improvements for our clients.

We look at Feed Scraper with a similar optic, as it is an absolutely unbeatable tool in terms of price/performance ratio. At this point, we can use scraper to ensure that none of our clients can say they can't get a quality feed for their campaigns. Scraper simply does an awful lot.

Last but not least, it's worth boasting that we were able to deploy the new Google Ads API to our app in time, more than half a year before the existing Google AdWords API is going to be suspended. This implementation was definitely no piece of cake. We spent several months on deployment and testing, but we can already say that our efforts have definitely paid off. The entire application is considerably faster and more stable at this point. And we even discovered hidden inefficiencies during the preparation process, fixing which, for example, sped up our Feed exports by up to 8x. And it was definitely worth the effort!

Can you outline what users can look forward to in the future?

Because an integral part of the application is a completely sophisticated Image editor, which can literally do magic with images,

we see the next logical step as branching out into the Google Display Network, where we foresee a huge use for the Image editor.

Based on a longer-term research, we found that a lot of our clients struggle to keep track of set KPIs such as PNO, ROI or even total spend. That's why we decided to include on our company roadmap the creation of a KPI setter, which should ideally show the user clearly whether they are meeting their set metrics and where they might have gaps. I believe that this implementation will make our clients' work easier in many ways. And of course with the benefit of managing everything conveniently from one place.

And where will we see ourselves next year? We'd definitely like to move to a marketplace as well.

Can you define the impulses behind the creation and implementation of new features? 

We always try to make sure that the development of new features reflects some balance between the needs of our clients and our own corporate vision. 

High-quality data is very crucial for us, and we want to get it by connecting directly with the client without the need for any intermediate links. Communication with clients is our alpha and omega. We listen to their needs and continuously think about how to incorporate their requirements and set them up to benefit the largest possible percentage of the remaining users. 

How would you describe the process during which you and your team think about major changes, such as building a new price list? 

The impetus that actually led us to think that it was probably time to build a new price list was when we saw how our clients had grown (in terms of the campaigns they create with us) compared to how we had grown. 

When we realized this comparison, we came to the conclusion that it would actually seem fair and win-win for us to grow the way we deserve to grow as well. Without any bragging, we know that we do what we do well and there is no shame in being rewarded for our efforts :)

In the coming months, we will be transitioning to a fee from a spend. In our industry, this approach is quite common and we already know we're a little late to the party with this move. We're doing our best for our clients, we're constantly implementing new features for them, and we're always improving PPC Bee. That's why we believe they will understand and accept this shift. 

Among the features that are currently subject to the new pricing is the Feed scraper. What makes it so essential for you? Do PPC Bee clients not have quality data? 

They say "Content is the King" and for us it's data.

Without good, quality data, there is simply no app in the world that can create the best campaigns :)

And even though we work with the top players in the e-commerce field, we still find that our clients sometimes have a problem with a poor quality of input data. Quite often they know quite specifically what they need from the data, but it's not easy for them to get that information from their internal IT departments. It makes it all the more frustrating when this data is "seen from the outside".

It is this need that gave rise to Feed Scraper, which can pull the required data directly from the site map of a particular site. Thanks to the newly added Scraper wizard, this process is even easier and the client can simply "click" the necessary attributes from the page preview. And it doesn't matter if it's a classic breadcrumb navigation, categorical feeds, or just branding. 

What led PPC Bee to start focusing on exporting feeds to, for example, product comparison sites? Aren't there already enough similar tools on the market?

I may be repeating myself, but here again, data plays a major role.

Imagine a situation where you already have your data cleaned, combed and tweaked in one place (in this case, PPC Bee), ready to ensure maximum performance in your campaigns. So why not take that data and send it straight to the comparison sites as well?

We know that there are players in the market who are dedicated to doing just that. But as a client, you don't want to waste your time by doing all the tasks twice - first in another tool, for example, just for the needs of the comparators, and then in PPC Bee for the campaigns.

The complexity of the whole application is one of the key points of our long-term vision, and that's why we spent a lot of time on this implementation, which I think paid off. I can already confirm that we have had several large clients come to us because of this opportunity and I believe that more will follow. And we are ready for it! 

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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