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Data enrichment

The goal of PPC Bee is to provide users with a space where they can manage their online campaigns as efficiently and fully automatically as possible. Together with PPC specialists, we know that the basis for any campaign is quality input data. And that is why the function of data enrichment was created, ie the possibility to enrich the original data sources with data that the original feed does not contain yet.
Marie Majerová
| Aug 19, 2021
To enrich the original feed, the user in PPC Bee has the option to choose from several sources that will serve as a tool for obtaining additional data. Thanks to this choice, we offer the user more freedom, within which he then has the opportunity to find the best solution that will fulfill the vision of his overall strategy.

Possibilities of Data enrichment

Google Analytics

In this type of feed enrichment, the user can use metrics from GA, such as sales numbers, product revenue, or traffic. And all at the product or site level. Subsequently, it is up to the user how he will work with the possibility of setting conditions in PPC Bee. The data can be used, for example, to select products for a campaign, to work with the structure of campaigns or to add ad text.

  • PPC Bee tip
See how to enrich a product data source with unique GA sales and revenue.

Facebook stats

This feature allows you to enrich the original feed with statistics from Facebook. For example, based on this data, a campaign manager can allocate top-selling products. Of course, there are many more options to use and it all depends on a predetermined strategy.

  • PPC Bee tip
In our example, you will see what data you can get to your source. Based on this data, you can further develop your strategy.

Google Sheets

Thanks to the possibility of linking the original source with the Google sheet, you can easily enrich existing sources with new, additional attributes. A useful tip is, for example, to supplement the original data with margin groups, or to attach a Google Sheet with marketing events.

  • PPC Bee tip
How to use data enrichment to enrich a feed with margins on category-level.

Heureka stats

As a PPC Bee user, do you need to make decisions based on data from Heureka according to statistics such as price position, spend, clicks or number of sales? With this data, you can, for example, exclude some products from your campaigns or, on the contrary, support them with stronger bidding. Thanks to the presence of additional data from Heureka, you have a wider scope to expand your strategies.

You can also set CPC rules when using data in Feed Export for Heureka.

  • PPC Bee tip
What statistics can you connect from Heureka to the original data source? Be inspired by our demonstration.

Feed Scraper

You already know the PPC Bee Feed Scraper. In addition to creating the main feed (for example, categorical feed for creating search campaigns that target more general keywords), you can also use it as a tool within the data enrichment and add additional information directly from your website to the items in the existing data source. Feed scraper obtains data directly from the web, using microdata or CSS selectors. Now you can also use the Scraper wizard in PPC Bee, which will show you the visual appearance of the page, from which you can select the necessary attributes with a simple click.

  • PPC Bee tip
How to use data enrichment to enrich the feed with product reviews.

Linked data sources

You can also connect two data sources in PPC Bee. Here it is important to always keep in mind that these resources must contain a common pairing key, based on which the connection can be made. It is thus a connection of the main and secondary data source, of which the secondary source serves as an extension of the original source.

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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