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PPC Bee 6th Birthday

For 6 years, PPC Bee has been a partner to the best players in the field of advertising and e-commerce. And not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Since the first ideal, PPC Bee has developed itself into the powerful tool that is growing and gaining in volume every day. How is the PPC Bee worth in 2021? Come see it with us.
Marie Majerová
| Jul 19, 2021

The year of Facebook

In the previous year, we straddled and took on a new platform, and that is Facebook. As a result of many hours of prototyping, testing and editing, it is now possible to completely automate dynamic product campaigns on Facebook. And it wouldn't be us if we didn't go even further with this tool. And so the Image editor was created. A tool that successfully helps our clients differentiate their banners from the competition and at the same time saves them time.

Better work with Data

In order to make it as easy as possible for our users to work within PPC Bee and to offer an easy path of advertisements to various platforms, we have also expanded the offer of our Feed exports. On the other hand, it was equally important for us for the user to have open options within the input data. And so the PPC Bee has added the ability to use Feed Scraper with a new wizard function or enrich your feed with data from Google Analytics.

PPC Bee makeover

With the new features also came the need for a new jacket. Or actually the whole cabinet. And so in September, the completely redesigned PPC Bee saw the light of day.

The new version of PPC Bee is much clearer, more intuitive and definitely more attractive to the eye. We also work to ensure that its appearance and functions go with the times and that the app is always the best partner to our users.

On-line Academy

The previous year was also significantly affected by the covid pandemic, which also had an impact on regular meetings with clients, training, debates, and conferences. This is one of the reasons why the online version of the PPC Bee Academy was created, along with regular webinars. Whether introductory training in PPC Bee, thematic meetings or certification of users who have been cooperating with us for a long time. Although we are very much looking forward to meeting each other again, we must say that this form of education has worked very well for us and we certainly plan to continue working with it.

Up to heights

As part of our corporate vision, we are constantly in a working process to make PPC Bee more open to clients from our region, but also from abroad.  And also to offer the possibility of use across all verticals. This is one of the reasons why PPC Bee can now be used by clients outside the classic e-shops, thanks to new possibilities of data source formats, such as Google sheets. Last year, we helped automate, for example, the Acomware agency and its client ČEZ.

Team Boost

The growth of PPC Bee would not be possible without a team that works every day to make the application work as it should and is constantly evolving it. Strengthening the team has been our priority in previous months and at the moment we can boast a well-functioning product team in charge of the product itself and also a Growth team, whose task is the business and content part of our activities, whose direction can be even more thanks to new reinforcements. With the new members We can better focus on abroad as well. As part of the work process, we do not forget about team well-being, with which our corporate psychologist Kristýna Šlajsová helps us.

A few numbers at the end

For our anniversary, we have prepared an overview for you of what our 6th year looked like in numbers.

What is next?

Our vision for the coming months is to focus more on the user himself. We want to provide a platform that will provide him with everything he needs in automation. We want to continue to push ourselves more and penetrate platforms such as GDN or Amazon. But not until next time. Meanwhile STAY TUNED!


Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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