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Nicolas Cage stopped making B-movies - he is a specialist in PPC Bee!

Nicolas Cage is well known for many successful Hollywood films. Surely we all remember well-known movies such as Con Air, Rock or the romantic City of Angels. However, this time is long gone and Nicolas has decided to stop making unsuccessful B-movies. So what has changed his mind and what steps does he want to take?
Marie Majerová
| Apr 1, 2021
Nicolas, how did you even get to PPC Bee? 

When I was making The Vicker Man in 2006, I discovered my unknown passion for bees, which played a key role in the movie.

Over the last year, I've come to the decision that I no longer want to be an actor in B-movies and that it's time to move on.

But when I entered the word Bee into the search engine, the first thing that popped up on me was the PPC Bee page. I researched the site and found that it is not a site dedicated to beekeepers, but a great automation tool powered by a team of enthusiasts from Prague.
So I didn't hesitate and decided to become part of the PPC Bee team.

What appealed to you the most about our tool. After all, it will be a 360 ° turn in your career.

All those features really amazed me! Now I was looking at one news - the automation of dynamic product ads on Facebook. And it seems to me that it can make a lot of things much easier.

I also noticed the Image Editor and I can tell you, one can do incredible things with it.

I have created a Search campaign with a few clicks. I just didn't have a feed for that purpose, so I used Feed Scraper for that and that's a hit!

Instead of watching TV, I've started exporting feeds in the evenings. Finally, I feel that what I'm doing makes sense.

What will be your first steps in PPC Bee?
Go to support, they've said...

Good luck, Nick! 

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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