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Image editor - create creative banners for Facebook ads and increase your CTR

Automated and original ads for Facebook campaigns that help you easily differentiate your products from your competition - No problem for PPC Bee. With our new Image Editor, you can create creatives for your DPA directly in the application interface, easily, quickly and in one place.
Marie Majerová
| Feb 9, 2021
The driving force behind the creation of the Image Editor was the vision of a separate tool that will allow our users to easily create and edit their own image templates for advertising campaigns on Facebook. In contrast to the standard functions of Business Manager, Image editor offers the possibility to work with a number of conditions and filters, thanks to which you can easily automate the look of your advertisements. In short, only what you set yourself will be displayed in your banner, and also only when you really want it.

New image template

The Image editor icon has been added directly in the main menu of the organization. All you have to do is to choose the source in which you want to create a new image template and throw yourself into the creative process.

For custom adjustments, just select any image from the feed, which will serve as a template where you can see all the adjustments. With the ability to watch edits in Live preview, you have the editing process under control at all times.


The white background removal feature prepares any of your product images for further editing with just one button. From simple shapes to complex shapes.

Once you have your product image cleared of distracting backgrounds, you can start adding more elements that you choose in the menu. Create a banner according to your ideas and easily maintain the visual identity of your brand.

Use your own images, with which you can embellish your banner as you wish. There are really no limits here. Create your own background, use the company logo, rating system or badges that will attract the customer's attention.

You can easily edit, move or resize all the uploaded images.


In addition to images, the Image editor provides the ability to edit banners using text boxes. Tell your customers everything important through the ad itself.

To preserve the brand manual, you can upload your own font to the Image Editor and continue working with it. Set the size and style of your font, its alignment or location.


Each newly inserted element in your image template represents a unique layer with which you can work individually, set rules, filters or time restrictions for it. In short, make sure your banner looks exactly as you imagine it. Use the filters and time restrictions to ensure, that the chosen elements are going to be shown according to the rules you have set.  You can move individual layers freely, bring them to the foreground, and vice versa.


With the preview, you can see your final image template applied to other images in the feed. This allows you to check whether the rules you set work and look attractive.

Once you're happy with your image template, just save it. The template is automatically generated as an image variable directly into your data source.

Are you interested in the process of creating an image variable step by step? Take a look at our detailed instructions.

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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