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Automation in 2021: Google Display Network, Facebook, Amazon

In PPC Bee we set ourselves goals, be they small or ambitious ones. We’d like to share those goals with you. Ready? Let’s do this!
Marie Majerová
| Feb 3, 2021

Let's Conquer the Facebook

Last year we took the Facebook environment by storm and quite liked it. This year we’d like you to follow us. We have the know-how and can provide you with tools which will make your dynamic product ads (both remarketing and acquisition ads) fine-tuned to the last detail.

Our new Image Editor will be your ideal partner on this road, making sure you can do all necessary edits in one place, with no fuss. Work with the variables from your feed, and increase the CTR of your product creatives. The Image Editor will also help you optimize images for Google Shopping and various other comparison shopping engines.

Party on Google

In 2021 we’ll get down to content campaigns on Google, full-time. We trust you’ll appreciate the option to target your existing customers and people visiting your web, as well as acquire completely new clients.

Users are our alpha and omega

Automated bulk operations, negative keywords settings at the level of individual campaigns, or a KPI checker right in the app—just to name a few of the ways we’d like to make working with PPC Bee easier for you. Our own experiences have shown that time is a valuable commodity, which is why we’re coming up with options for you to save yours.

Sky's the limit

Have you ever thought it would be pretty neat to have a PPC Bee Lite at your disposal? We too! We’d like to dive into developing it head first, and thus open the door for a broader community to start using the app. In 2020 PPC Bee was enhanced with new feed exports (Favi, Glami, Heuréka…) and we definitely plan on continuing that trend this year. After all, data transformation and the subsequent option of data management are our shticks.

If you’ve been waiting for the much-promised Amazon, mentioned all the way in the beginning of this article, to make an appearance, you don’t need to wait anymore! Join us in exploring the marketplace and utilize the broad range of your business potential.

Do have any comments on our roadmap? We’d love you to share them with us by filling in this questionnaire

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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