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December news in PPC Bee App

What have we been working on in PPC Bee and what new features and improvements can you find in your accounts from December? You will find out in the following article.
Marie Majerová
| Dec 11, 2020

New features

Grid card view - New display of items in the feed

We have added the option to see your advertised products in a Grid card view. You can switch between the grid view and the classic table view. Thanks to the grid you have an immediate overview of what images the products have and other useful information (price, availability, etc.). You have also the option to define the variables you want to display on the tab or in the grid.

New PPC Bee Feed exports

Thanks to feed exporter you can take any feed, upload it to PPC Bee and create a new feed suitable for other tools. In addition, thanks to PPC Bee, you get the opportunity to work with your own variables and easily optimize each attribute of the feed. We have newly added the following exports:

  • Price-comparison shopping sites
    Now you can create your feed for Favi, Glami, Zboží, Heuréka or Árukereső.
  • Adform
    Create a unique feed for your RTB Campaigns. If you would like to use other RTB platforms, you can also create a feed for Criteo with us. Just use our existing feed export to GMC, the format is the same in this case.
  • Facebook localized catalog
    This export helps you to create an additional feed for your FB catalog and can create dynamic Facebook ads for multiple languages ​​and countries! If you want to promote goods in more countries, you do not need several different catalogs. You can create a feed for a language or country. Once the catalog contains country or language information, users in dynamic ads can automatically see the correct item information based on location and language.

Improvements and features

Improved design of conditions and filters

For better clarity, you can see what filters have been set, how many products you have selected and you can view them in the preview.

Modified Breadcrumb navigation

With that new feature, the orientation in PPC Bee is even easier. You don’t have to click between menu items but you can move in the menu just through the Breadcrumb.

CPA metric

Customized columns in your campaigns are newly enhanced by CPA metric. CPA can be used either in the campaign or ad system level.

Changes in text Variable
Thanks to the new function “remove HTML tags” you can clean your titles or other text variables from unwanted HTML symbols.

Bug fixes

Grouped Data sources

We have newly added the number showing the actual amount of products and also groups in Grouped DSA campaigns. Now you can see both, the number of grouped items and also the number of all items.

Campaign Statistics

We’ve fixed the display of campaign statistics from ad systems in our dashboard for you. You no longer have to go to individual ad systems to find out how your campaign is doing.

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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