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Maximize the Return on Your Christmas Campaigns with PPC Bee

The fact that Christmas is one of the economically strongest parts of the whole year probably doesn’t need to be stressed. But what can you do to set your product or service apart from the huge amount of ads targeting customers wherever they look? In this article, we’ll give you a few tips on using PPC Bee to make your Christmas campaigns more effective, thus maximizing their return.
Marie Majerová
| Nov 24, 2020
Thanks to PPC Bee, you can work with time settings in your ad texts. Try to emphasize guaranteed shipping by Christmas in the chosen time period. Using time restrictions, you can set these text messages so that they are shown with your ads only when the advertised shipping is actually feasible. If products are being sold during a period where shipping can no longer be guaranteed, you can have the text stress e.g. the option of picking the goods up in person.

Electronic products, such as vouchers or tickets to cultural and sports events, are a good article to advertise. Thanks to their nature, you can smartly advertise such products till the very last moment without worrying that they won’t reach your customers in time. 

To help individual campaigns along on their way to success, you can do a quality segmentation of your goods. This can work miracles for you, especially before ad-challenging seasons which Christmas no doubt is. Take a look at your products and divide your campaigns e.g. into bestsellers, traditional Christmas goods, and other products.

PPC Bee gives you the option of effectively working with custom labels, focusing on the amount of stocked products. Conditions and filters allow you to advertise only those products which are sufficiently stocked; once the number drops below the minimum of your choice (e.g. 10 items), the campaign will be automatically suspended. With the remaining ten products, it’s very likely they’ll sell without advertising. Plus, you prevent situations where you’re targeting goods of which you don’t have enough left.

To make your campaigns as effective as possible during this period, we recommend you increase the number of synchronizations per day—there can be up to 24 a day. This is the only way to ensure your campaigns are truly up-to-date.

When creating Christmas campaigns, you can’t forget about the Image editor. Set time layers with your products, which will be automatically generated depending on the conditions you enter. You can work with Christmas graphics, labels (like the guaranteed shipping by Christmas we mentioned above), and others. Sky’s the limit when it comes to creative campaigns. 

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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