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Results of the Most Automated Ad Text Contest Are Here!

The most automated PPC Bee text has a winner. Refusing to keep the great entries of our finalists to ourselves, we decided to share them with you, our fans—and perhaps even inspire your approach to campaign creation in PPC Bee along the way.
Marie Majerová
| Sep 29, 2020
The first place, with 83.9 % automation, was taken by Hugo Pelikán ( whose ad text brilliantly took advantage of the options offered by different variables.

The second and third place were separated by only two tenths of a percent, with Milan Douša ( and Michal Lubelec ( securing the metaphorical silver and bronze medal with their 71.7 % and 71.5 % automation, respectively. If you are interested in our finalist presenting their texts, see our foto report at PPC Bee Blog

Veronika Janusová ( with her 68.7 % automation won fourth place. Her campaign demonstrated how the Price variable can be effectively used in PPC Bee.

The list of our finalists was concluded by L’ubomír Kružliak (, with 54.1 % automation.

Photos from the official award ceremony can be found on our blog here

We’d like to thank all participants for sharing their ad texts with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing them again. 

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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