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The Most Automated Text in PPC Bee Contest Has a Winner

On Tuesday the 15th, the doors of our office opened wide and we welcomed the talented finalists of the most automated ad text in PPC Bee. Our Míša’s camera didn’t miss a single thing and now you too can have a look at what took place during the afternoon we spent together.
Marie Majerová
| Sep 22, 2020
Although the event was supposed to start on Tuesday afternoon, we didn’t want to underestimate anything and began setting things up as early as Monday. Moving tables, preparing prizes, polishing glasses—that takes time. And we wanted to be 100% ready for our dear guests.
As 3:00 p.m. approached, the plan was clear—take chilled bubbles out of the fridge and attend to our guests who’d slowly began arriving. We clinked glasses with Hugo Pelikán of, Veronika Janusová of MM Marketing, Milan Douša for Mall.CZ, Ľubomír Kružliak for Adexpres, and symbolically also with Michal Lubelec of ui42 who joined us via hangout all the way from Slovakia.
The reception was followed by the best part of the afternoon—official announcement of the winner, as well as the presentation of certificates and beautiful prizes. Hanka Habermannová, our CEO, rose to the occasion as a presenter. The star of the announcement turned out to be Hugo Pelikán whose fantastically automated text rightfully earned him the first place. And what kind of event would it have been if we took no pictures? For this purpose, we’d set up a perfect balloon wall, rendered in the traditional PPC Bee colors. A few photos with the finalists, Hanka, and Péťa Pacáková, and then we were free to sample the refreshments.
As a part of the next program block, the group moved into our Yoga room and gathered in front of the screen where the finalists presented their ad texts, shared their experience with PPC Bee, and revealed their tips or approaches to campaign settings as such. The baton was then passed to Petra Pacáková who introduced upcoming new features of PPC Bee. And let us tell you, there’s a lot to look forward to. We’ll soon be enhancing the app with such features as feed merge, scraper, or the option to effectively use data from Google Analytics.
The program was concluded by a relaxed panel discussion on PPC Bee with Ondra Bartas, our chief developer, and Péťa Pacáková. Thanks to the excellent speaking skills of our representatives, the guests were able to peel back the curtain on the development of our tool, see the app from a developer’s point of view, and hopefully have a laugh over the few minor failures which accompany pretty much any project. The meeting ended with networking and some good wine.
We’d like to thank everybody who took part in the contest, most importantly the five finalists who travelled to see us (physically or virtually) and enjoyed a nice afternoon with us. We hope to see you soon again! 

Marie Majerová
Editor of PPC Bee
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