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Introducing: A brand new design of PPC Bee

What haunts the dreams not only of our CEO Hanka Habermannová and lead developer Ondra Bartas? An aging PPC Bee which doesn’t reflect current trends. And we can’t allow that to happen! That’s why we worked on redesigning the app, expected to launch in a few short weeks.
Petra Pacáková
| Aug 27, 2020

But first things first. What are the biggest changes to PPC Bee and what does the new look bring to the users? 

Campaign preview

The left side menu underwent the biggest change as it was markedly reduced. As you can see in the images below, the original left menu included a relatively large amount of features that weren’t directly related to campaigns themselves.

The app’s original appearance

The new design - campaign overview

In order to make using PPC Bee easier, the new design contains only those features which concern working with campaigns and data feeds. Nothing will stand in your way anymore while you focus on tuning up your campaigns.


General functions, such as linking PPC accounts, organization settings, user access, or billing information, can be now found in the app’s upper-right corner:


We’ve removed the list of your organizations and sub-organizations from the upper right corner. No need to worry, though—the function was simply moved to the upper left corner as is the case elsewhere, such as in Google Ads. That’s why we believe you’ll welcome this change.

Old appearance

New appearance

Thanks to the new breadcrumb navigation, you can easily shift between the organizations you can access. Moreover, if you’re working on the campaign or data feed level, these levels will be added to the navigation and you’ll be able to switch between them as well.

Campaign and data feed overview

Charts have been improved, too. Now you don’t have to hunt for operations all the way at the end of the line, waiting for a tooltip to pop up in order to be sure which operation you’re dealing with. All operations which are relevant to a given line are combined in an easy-to-navigate dropdown menu.

New PPC Bee soon on your screens

Because these changes are pretty big and we don’t want them to hit you like a ton of bricks—although we believe they’re for the better—you don’t need to look for the new design in the app right now. The general launch will come in a few weeks to give you enough time to get ready for it. :) However, if there's something you'd like to share with us regarding the new design, we definitely want to know it! So, feel free to fill out our feedback form.

Petra Pacáková
CGO of PPC Bee
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