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Now in PPC Bee: Prospecting on Facebook and manual structure

You may already know that PPC Bee will soon allow you to target Facebook users who are already aware of you in one way or another. Nevertheless, we decided to take our dynamic product campaign solution one step further and enhance it with prospecting.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Aug 13, 2020
If you’ve never heard about how Facebook remarketing DPA campaigns can be automated in PPC Bee, you can learn more here.

Setting prospecting
At first, we started programming remarketing automation in PPC Bee. But while we were testing functions with our clients, it turned out that acquisition campaigns were an integral part of most marketing strategies. That’s why we decided to enhance Facebook campaigns with prospecting or DABA (Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience).

You can easily define your own user base to be acquired, or leave the targeting up to Facebook itself and exclude, for example, the current traffic to your website.

When creating an audience for prospecting, you can naturally work with the audiences you’ve already created in your Business Manager. Meaning, you don’t need to set up new audiences in order to launch prospecting campaigns in PPC Bee.

You should be already well acquainted with the other settings regarding user bases because we kept its ratio to Business Manager 1:1.

When managing prospecting campaigns, you can decide which automation characteristic will be used by PPC Bee. That’s because the campaign structure option takes the management of the Facebook campaign in PPC Bee to the next level. PPC Bee makes setting campaigns and ad sets themselves much easier, saving you lots of time and automating campaigns according to defined conditions.

You can read about working with an automated campaign structure in our previous article. Simply put, choose a feed attribute to automatically create individual campaigns or ad sets.

But we didn’t stop there and decided to offer our clients even more options of working with dynamic product ads on Facebook—we’re adding a manual structure which, however, isn’t so manual as may seem.

Creating ad sets manually

In PPC Bee, automatic structure segments products into individual ad sets, depending on the feed attribute you choose. This can be a product category or any other information you’re sending to custom labels. 

But if you prefer strategies where ad sets are segmented by various criteria, PPC Bee’s manual structure is just the thing for you!
You can easily create ad sets that combine different filters from your product catalog. Here’s where our new feature comes into play.

The order of ad sets matters in PPC Bee! 

That’s because products in individual ad sets exclude one another thanks to PPC Bee. It follows, then, that there might be some overlap between the Margin and Price ad sets, i.e. products that cost more than 300 CZK can have a margin of over 60% at the same time.

But because the Margin ad set is listed first (i.e. above the Price ad set), it takes priority. This means that all products whose margin exceeds 60% are automatically excluded from the Price ad set. And this process trickles down the individual ad sets.

If your ad sets don’t cover all products, simply create a final ad set without any condition (see the Others ad set in the picture below) where the rest of the products will go. In PPC Bee, this structure employs the “drag and drop” feature, meaning you can easily move priorities between the individual ad sets and test which strategy pays off the most.
This automatic exclusion of products from ad sets helps you save lots of time and discover strategies that can help your campaigns achieve better results.

Are you interested in trying PPC Bee’s dynamic product campaigns? And what about the Image Editor? You can ask to have the beta version made available directly in the app—all you need to do is click the ‘Dynamic product ads on Facebook’ tab when creating a new campaign. Or contact us at :) 

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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