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Automate and win!

With PPC Bee, every information your data feed contains can be automated. Either you want to make sure that only ads for products in stock are running, or create keywords or ad texts. And since we are very curious about your approach to automation, and to what extent you make use of it, we decided to organize a competition!

Possibilities of ad text automation

Every attribute your feed contains, eg. price, sale price, product name, or description, can be copied to your ad texts automatically. The possibilities are endless! And what’s more, in case your feed doesn’t contain certain information, you can create custom variables and use these in the ad texts.

If you show numeric data that often change in your ad texts, thanks to Ad Customizers, you don’t need to worry about your ads being deleted and created new ones with every change, and about losing the quality score. In such a case, the numeric data will be updated and the current ad will keep running.* 

*This doesn’t apply to data of a text character or responsive search ads.

This is what the ad text generator in PPC Bee looks like. Everything that’s gray and in between the underscores are feed attributes.

The most automated ad text wins

It follows from the above mentioned that ad texts can be created almost completely without the need of manual insertion of information. The rules of the competition are therefore very simple.

If you have an ad text created in PPC Bee that you think is as much automated as it can be and that you used the feed attributes to the maximum, submit it. In case you don’t have such ad text, don’t worry - simply create it and submit the newly created one. However, it is necessary that the ad text is active (synchronized with the ad system).

You can only submit expanded text ads, do not submit responsive search ads.

We will then choose the 5 most automated generators. The first place belongs to the most automated ad text and the fifth to the least automated one of them. The winners can look forward to a small prosecco meet up in our office. During this meet up we will exclusively reveal all the new features we’re working on, and also we’ll reward you with the prizes.

How long the competition will take place? 

You can submit URL addresses of your ad text generators starting today, 3rd August, until Friday 14th August.

We will announce the winners on our Facebook profile on Monday, 17th August. We will also send an email to all the winners containing all the details about the prosecco meet up.

We’re curious and looking forward to seeing what you got! :)


Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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