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PPC Bee reveals Image Editor in Facebook’s dynamic product ads

PPC Bee has enhanced Google Ads, Sklik, and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing) with the option to create dynamic product ads on Facebook.
Petra Pacáková
| Jul 9, 2020
If you’re actively advertising on Facebook, you may have encountered the abbreviations Facebook DPA (dynamic product ads) or Facebook DABA (dynamic ads for broad audience). Soon, you will be able to set this type of advertisement in PPC Bee.

Using PPC Bee to create dynamic ads for Facebook has several advantages. 

Naturally, we strive to make the PPC Bee interface as user friendly as possible. Primarily, though, we want to save ad administrators some time and provide them with a way of improving their ads’ efficiency. How? By automation and other nifty features, we’ve prepared for our users.

Feed export for Facebook catalog

This function was described in detail in a previous blog. PPC Bee is a powerful tool, one that’s useful for many other things besides automating PPC ads. It can also deal with input data and optimize it. 

And because Facebook for dynamic product ads requires a data feed (Facebook catalogue) that needs to meet certain specifications, we’ve made a simple feed exporter which can easily generate a required Facebook format out of your current data feed

But using our feed exporter gives you another huge advantage, namely PPC Bee Image editor!

PPC Bee Image editor were one of the first ones to start testing our image editor. If you’re wondering what a final ad image can look like once the editor is done with it, look no further:

Unlike the standard options provided by Business Manager, PPC Bee offers the option of using a variety of conditions to, for instance, display certain information (elements) in banners—e.g. only in the very moment when a given condition is met by a product.

So what do conditions allow you to do in regards to displaying different elements? 
  • Have a banner showing a picture advertising free shipping, if a product’s price exceeds the minimum threshold for free shipping;
  • Display product ratings when there are enough positive reviews available;
  • Have a single banner display both main, and additional product images, such as those taken from a different angle. This is appropriate mainly in the case of fashion segments.

Because PPC Bee allows users to concurrently include multiple individual pictures or other graphics that can be assigned to conditions, advertisers have essentially unlimited possibilities when it comes to catching the customer’s interest.

If you're interested in trying out our Facebook dynamic product ads campaigns and our Image Editor before the official release, you can ask for a beta version. All you need to do is to go to the app to the campaign overview, start creating a new campaign, and when choosing the campaign type, choose 'Facebook Retargeting'.

Petra Pacáková
CGO of PPC Bee
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