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How we built a prototype for Facebook’s dynamic remarketing with our clients

These days are extremely important to us. PPC Bee has been slowly, but surely expanding to another platform, nearing our chief goal of becoming a universal tool for managing all online advertising. The first version is currently being tested which makes us very happy because it means that we’ll soon be able to open Facebook’s dynamic remarketing to all. But what was it exactly that needed to be done before we could reach this stage?
Before Ondra, our lead developer, could even start programming, or our UX designers set about creating the first wireframes, a stage had to occur—the one when we thoroughly researched Business Manager and what’s working with it like to our clients and other specialists focused on Facebook's dynamic remarketing.

We already knew that the option to run campaigns on Facebook would be welcome by many PPC Bee clients. And so, over the past year, we have been meeting with specialists from Notino, Seznam, and Bonami to discuss these expectations.

We knew that advertising on Facebook is a relatively big, complex matter and that we needed to start with something smaller. All our clients were basically unanimous in saying that dynamic remarketing was a very important part of their marketing strategies. So, we realized where we had to begin.

While our development team started writing the first lines of the prototypical code, the schedule of our UX designers Pavel and Ľubo became increasingly fuller of various meetings with specialists from Alza, Heureka, Seznam, and H1. In close cooperation with them, we created and perfected the first wireframes.

What are the weak points of Business Manager according to our clients? 

If you take part in our workshop on search campaign automation or if you talk to us about creating effective campaigns, we’ll tell you that dividing your campaigns into logical units is very important when it comes to advanced management of campaigns (for easier reporting, optimization, etc.). The same goes for Facebook.

But therein lies the rub. According to most clients, such segmentation is Facebook’s weakest link. In each ad set, you have to create a product set for the unit in question which entails so much work and time and clicking that you’ll gladly forget about dividing your campaign and instead hope that “it’ll work out somehow”. However, if you want to focus on advanced strategies, such segmentation is simply a must.

Once we knew the biggest pitfalls of working in Business Manager and what bothers our clients the most, we started thinking about how the whole process of creating dynamic remarketing campaign could be designed to be as simple as possible, and so that users could easily make any changes both in campaigns and in individual ad sets even retrospectively.

Gradually, the first wireframes were created. In addition, we often consulted our designs with FB specialists from, who confirmed that it is not perfect yet, but that we are definitely going the right direction. And so the drafts were redesigned several more times, we started all over again until we got to the current, and for now the final solution.

PPC Bee creates ad sets for you

In PPC Bee, segmentation is a one-click matter. Simply put the attribute from the data feed into the campaign's or ad sets' name, and the units will be divided by the chosen attribute. 

This makes it easy to find out which products perform well, which ones don't, and therefore it's not worth advertising them. In general, it will be easier for you to create reports and make adjustments, such as setting up budgets and audiences for individual product groups. We believe that this solution will help clients who need to segment their campaigns in a specific way according to their business goals.

No product catalog for Facebook? No problem!

If you don’t have a good data feed that could be used on Facebook, you will either have to chase the programmers so they create the export for you or, probably the worst-case scenario, you will need to create a Facebook Catalog—one product after another. That’s another mountain of work. Lucky for you, you can save yourself the hassle of tackling it thanks to PPC Bee’s exporter.

In PPC Bee, you can easily take the feeds which have already been uploaded to PPC Bee and export your Facebook Catalog out of them. The structure of a FB Catalog is very similar to that of a GMC feed export. All you need to do is enter corresponding values into relevant boxes—some of which will be pre-filled with the most suitable attributes by PPC Bee—and save the export. If your feed doesn’t contain a certain attribute or contains it in an unsuitable file format, you can easily create it. After that, simply set about creating your campaign.

What you can start looking forward to

Another thing we’re working on apart from Facebook remarketing is an image editor. The first clients will soon be able to test this, too.
We’re currently very busy testing Facebook’s dynamic remarketing with the first clients. The first applicants to the beta version can look forward to receiving it as early as July (if you, too, are interested in the beta testing, ask to have it opened to you in the app while you’re creating a new campaign, or rather while you’re choosing a campaign type).

The next blog will focus on the above-mentioned Facebook Catalog feed exporter. Keep an eye out!

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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