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A new feature in Sklik: Updating numerical data in ad texts? Easy with PPC Bee

Sklik has introduced a new function—now, when numerical data is changed in ads, the existing ads will be updated; no new ones will be created. This means you won’t lose ad history, stats will remain, and it will be easier for you to evaluate performance.
Sklik ads now work in a very similar way to those set in Google Ads where Ad Customizers are utilized. Meaning that if your headline or ad description contains a piece of numerical data, such as information on price, discount, amount of available products, etc., it will be changed dynamically, with no new ads being created. This makes it easier for you to retain relevant statistics and evaluate which of your ad texts perform the best.

Updating your ads
Text ads must be edited using the ads.update method in API Drak. Your ad system then checks whether the changes you’ve made are allowed. If yes, the ad will be updated; if no, a new ad will be created.

Numerical data can be also edited manually in Sklik’s interface. An import-based process isn’t currently available.

Not getting all this API business? PPC Bee to the rescue!
If you and API aren’t on the best of terms, you can edit the values directly in your system, but it won’t result in automatic changes. You’ll need to do all changes manually and make sure they are allowed (more on that later). 

But if you are best buddies with PPC Bee, you’re more or less done because everything will be resolved automatically. All you need to do is input data feed variables into your ad texts, e.g. “for _price_ CZK”.
If data feed values change, PPC Bee will reflect these changes and the values will be automatically adjusted in your ads.

Similarly, your ad will be updated if the numerical value is entered into your ad text template manually—e.g. “Free shipping for orders over 1000 CZK” vs. “Free shipping for orders over 500 CZK”. However, updates don’t apply to any text information. If text information is changed, the ad text will be deleted and replaced with a new one.

If you’ve already created your ads in PPC Bee, there’s no need for you to set or change anything; Numerical values will be updated automatically.

Permitted information editing—examples
You also need to make sure that any update to your ad’s numerical information really constitutes just a change to that particular piece of numerical information. If you decide to change the information format where you add or remove a character or space, this would be a forbidden change. In that case, a new ad would be created.

Let’s say that your ad contains a date, shown in this format: 1. 5. 2020. Permitted changes include, for example, 1. 5. 20 or 1. 6. 2020, but not 1.5.2020 or 1/5/2020. 

If your ad provides information on price, such as 1000 CZK, permitted changes include e.g. 999 CZK, 999.90 CZK, but not 1000. If the non-numerical ‘CZK’ is removed, it is perceived as a text change where updates don’t apply.

Learn more about permitted changes to numerical data in the Sklik help section

No matter if you’ve already set your campaigns in PPC Bee or not, this is not something you need to worry about with our software. We’ll keep an eye on it for you. 

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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