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Try SMART Shopping Ads campaigns in PPC Bee

One of the main things that the latest version of PPC Bee brings is a separate process of SMART Shopping Ads campaigns creation. These are a combination of classic Shopping Ads campaigns and display remarketing campaigns. Not only they make campaign management a little easier again, but they can also help you maximize your conversion value and extend your reach.

How SMART Shopping Ads campaigns work
This type of campaign connects your data feed with Google machine learning. As a result, various ads are displayed on Google networks. Also, as we mentioned in the introduction, setting up SMART Shopping Ads campaigns is much easier than setting up standard Shopping Ads campaigns. 

Basically, you only choose the products you want to advertise from your Google Merchant Center, choose the country where you want to advertise, set the budget and finally the country where you’re selling your products. Google then tests various combinations of images and texts that your GMC contains. 

The most suitable ads are then displayed on Google networks, which means on the Google search network, Google display network, YouTube and Gmail. What’s more, Google automatically places your ads and sets the bid to make the ads as effective as possible and to maximize the value of your conversions. 

SMART Shopping Ads campaigns versus standard Shopping Ads campaigns 
In comparison to the standard Shopping Ads campaign, SMART Shopping Ads campaign settings are quite limited. When it comes to bidding strategies, you can only choose between tROAS or Maximize conversions. With SMART Shopping Ads campaigns you also need a little more patience and let the campaigns run for at least a week to learn autopilot, such as tROAS. 

Regarding the campaign structure, the only difference is that SMART Shopping Ads campaigns can only have one ad group. This is a restriction made by Google, and it should help with better bidding. 

If you advertise the same products in both types of campaigns within one account, SMART Shopping Ads campaigns take precedence over the standard Shopping Ads campaigns. That means that the SMART Shopping Ads are more likely to be displayed than the standard ones. 

Why create SMART Shopping Ads campaigns in PPC Bee?

Not only we expanded our portfolio of supported campaign types so that you can conveniently manage most of your campaigns from one place. PPC Bee brings also other benefits. 

The first one is an easy selection of products. Thanks to our good old Conditions, you can easily select products from your GMC to the campaign. This helps you better segment your campaigns, and better segmentation means better insight into your campaigns’ performance


The second advantage is a simple set-up of the hierarchy and automated creation of other campaigns through it. Let’s say you want to create one campaign for each mobile phone brand. In this case, using conditions you will select only the products from the ‘mobile phones’ category.

Then, in the hierarchy settings add _brand_ variable to the campaign name. This will automatically create separate campaigns for different brands of mobile phones.

PPC Bee also automatically reflects changes in your data feed. If a new brand is added in the feed, a new campaign will be automatically created.

Regarding the bidding strategies, you don’t need to worry about not being able to adjust the tROAS for each campaign separately. You only set up tROAS in PPC Bee when setting up the campaign. Once you synchronize the campaign, you will be able to adjust tROAS in Google Ads for each campaign separately, and PPC Bee won’t override this setting. 

You see? With PPC Bee, setting up a SMART Shopping Ads campaign remains easy, while giving you a little more control. 

And what can you look forward to in our next article? 
Separate SMART Shopping Ads campaigns are not the only great feature that the latest version of the app brings. Another great feature is the labeling of ad texts. Find out why the labeling is useful, and how to use it in our next article, which will be released here on our blog next week. 

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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