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Remove irrelevant or too generic keywords from your campaigns using Tuner

PPC Tuner currently consists of two models. Based on Google Ads reports, it can recommend which keywords to remove from your campaigns, or which negative keywords to add to them. Today, we will focus on the first model in more detail.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Mar 30, 2020
In case you’re not familiar with PPC Tuner yet, you can read a summary article in which we also looked at how it’s holding up with the expectations, and how it’s beneficial to our clients. But now, let’s take a closer look at removing keywords recommendations.

Removing keywords
It may happen that keywords generated for some of the ad groups are too general, or are not related to the product you sell at all. Every day, Tuner analyzes keywords statistics and tries to find these keywords. The keyword match type doesn’t matter when it comes to the issues mentioned above. Therefore, Tuner groups keywords with the same text and treats them as one.

Within each campaign, Tuner searches for statistically significantly distant keywords based on metrics like impressions, CTR, or Quality Score. The keywords with such outliers and therefore a poor performance are then suggested to be removed from the campaign in a well-arranged table.

Some practical examples

This tip was recommended by Tuner in February. Even though Black Friday was no longer up to date, people were still looking for discounts. If you do not have any special offer, we recommend to exclude it. If you have a special sale, it's a good idea to create a separate campaign with the relevant keywords.
This example is a recommendation to remove a keyword from a Dodgee mobile phones category campaign. If people are looking for a specific model, in this case, it's x100, you shouldn't be showing them a category page.

Here the client advertised the Xiaomi phone in blue color, but it was also shown to people who searched for a phone of another color - moonlight white. Removing this keyword saved the client additional spends on advertising.

The latest Tuner results
Since the time we launched Tuner to everyone, our users have confirmed over 3,600 keyword removal suggestions that save up to 400 000 CZK/month. 16,000 recommendations are currently pending and these can save an additional 400 000 CZK/month. So do not hesitate to go and see if there are any recommendations waiting for you. The tuner is still FREE for you, so it would be a shame not to give it a shot. However, if you’re only getting started with the app, Tuner will need a few days to generate recommendations, as it first needs to analyze the data of the running campaigns.

We’re already preparing another article in which we will look closely at the second model of recommendations, adding negative keywords. However, if you’re interested in knowing more about Tuner, you can check out our online user guide, the article we released when Tuner was launched, or ask anything at

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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