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PPC Bee introduces Feed Mapping for SMART Display campaigns

There are more and more types of campaigns in Google Ads bearing the name ‘SMART’. Furthermore, such campaigns are increasingly common and more dominant in PPC accounts. Which is why you can now set not only SMART Shopping campaigns in PPC Bee, but also SMART Display campaigns. We’re going to show you how to get as much out of them as possible.
Petra Pacáková
| Mar 6, 2020
If you haven’t had the time to get acquainted with our SMART Display campaigns, you can read an initial summary on our blog.

The first undeniable advantage is that as our portfolio of campaign types grows, you can manage your campaigns from a single place which results in convenient automation of most of your PPC accounts. This article deals with another function of SMART Display campaigns in PPC Bee—feed mapping.

Thanks to feed mapping, you can optimize the attributes shown in your responsive ads.

Optimize item titles in banners
Feed mapping determines which parameters are to be copied to your responsive ads.

Naturally, product IDs are the basis of such mapping. Usually, they’re constant which is why PPC Bee automatically prefills this attribute. Without product IDs, Google wouldn’t be able to copy products to banners.

What’s even more interesting is the ‘Item title’ box which allows you to optimize the name to be copied with individual products to the banner.

Optimized item titles
Let’s demonstrate this, using an example from a PPC Bee demo account (available to all app users, making it possible to view individual campaign settings and data feeds).
As you can see in this demo banner, item titles aren’t always perfect. Entire captions may not be copied or they may contain excess information. Tidier, shorter titles would look much better.

Let’s take the item title ‘Living Dead Dolls - Roxie - 93205’, for example. Using variables or conditions in the feed, you can clean up these unsightly titles and remove any excess product IDs.

Expanded item title
Let’s stay with the Item title attribute a while longer. It’s not required that you enter only the variable with the product name into the box; you can easily add custom texts.

TIP: Create a campaign for bestselling products and copy this information directly into product texts.

Edit prices at will
You can just as easily edit the product prices which are automatically copied to ads. For instance, some item prices in the feed don’t include any information about currency, or the price format is unsuitable for certain countries. Using custom variables, you can edit the price and enter it into your responsive product ads.

Decide which item photos will be displayed in your banners
Another interesting attribute you can optimize is the ‘Image URL’ parameter.

As a rule, you can upload multiple images with each product. Using our feed mapping, you can easily select pictures to be displayed in your banners. All you need to do is choose the right variable (e.g. image_url1 or image_url2).

Have more control over your ads
By creating campaigns in PPC Bee, you will get more time and space to think of advanced strategies, and you will also gain a little more control over the final appearance of your ads.

Have you tried SMART Display campaigns in PPC Bee? If yes, don't hesitate to share your experience with us and leave us a message at

Petra Pacáková
Editor of PPC Bee
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