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A new design of generators, campaign performance overview, and other news from PPC Bee

Ever since its creation, the app has undergone significant changes and both large and small-scale features have been added. Apart from small corrections, the latest release includes both a new design, and several extensive features.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Feb 17, 2020
Gradual app redesign
The last update contains redesigned generators of ad texts, keywords, CPC rules, and variables.

The most important change was made to the way variables are entered into fields. Now, you no longer need to look for a specific variable in a long, hard-to-navigate list. All you have to do is click the lightning icon in the relevant field, and a list of variables expands, sorted by alphabetical order. And what's more, you always see what type your variable is and have the option to create a new variable, or edit your custom ones.

The features that are displaying in the app’s pop-up windows have been given a facelift as well. So, if you need to quickly create a new variable, for example, now it’s no problem. Moreover, we’ve adapted archived data sources to the new design.

By the way, the new redesign isn't simply limited to external changes. We’ve also managed to replace a large amount of excess code with a new, cleaner one that contains much fewer lines.

Campaign performance overview
Next, there’s a chart that shows the performance of your campaigns, displaying the most important data from Google Ads and Sklik. It features not only the number of viewings, clicks, and prices, but also conversions and their overall value. This chart makes it easier for you to optimize your campaigns, and also gives you a basic overview of their performance. It can be found in the organization’s dashboard and in the individual campaigns.

And which customer wishes have been fulfilled? 

Ad text labeling in Google Ads
To evaluate the performance of individual ad text templates, you can use the generator’s name as a label. You won’t find this function in the app yet, or at least not all of you. If you’re interested in closed beta testing, contact us at and we’ll make the function accessible to you. Thanks to our partners from Muziker and Notino for the suggestion. 

Filtering products directly in the data feed
Our buddies from Notino came up with another suggestion. Following up on it, we’ve set advanced product filtering directly in the data feed, meaning you can now use conditions for filtering the same way you’re used to when selecting products in your campaigns. 

What can you look forward to next?
Currently, our development team is focusing on improving charts that display campaign overviews, data feeds, feed exports, etc… The point is to make sure they’re easy to use regardless of the size and resolution of your display, and that you can edit them or add and delete individual columns. 

While you’re finishing this article, our development team continues to work hard. The guys are constantly working on new modifications and corrections, continuing the redesign, and coming up with new functions. Soon, you can look forward to a new version of PPC Bee. And what exactly did the release of the current version entail? Check out the infographic. ;)

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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