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Are you a sucker for education? PPC Bee has your back, or No two supports are the same

It isn’t “just” the app we keep working on and whose boundaries we push. We work to make sure that you have all the support you might need while working with the app, to allow you to quickly find any answer for everything you’re not certain about, or to never miss any new feature that makes working with PPC Bee easier and your campaigns more effective.
The fact that we, the PPC Bee team, know our way around the app and find everything perfectly clear and intuitive doesn’t automatically mean that this impression is shared by its users (although we strive to make it so). We’re well-aware of this which is why the app comes with as many support materials as possible. So where can you look for help when you need it?

Online support (not only) in the app

Our online manual, to be found right in the app, is the first line of support. Simply click the yellow 'Help' button in the bottom right corner. After clicking it, a series of articles appears, pre-selected depending on which of the app’s pages you were. For example, if you’re creating a Shopping Ads campaign, a related link is displayed automatically. 

If you didn’t manage to find your answer in the app’s Help, don’t despair. Click the 'Contact us' button, briefly explain the problem, and I’ll help you. Moreover, if you have a Basic or Enterprise subscription, you can discuss your issue each workday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. in the online chat.

Everything contained in the App help can be read on as well. So if you need to bone up for your upcoming certification, that’s where you can find all of the necessary information. The website also takes you directly to our blog. If the blog contains a relevant article on the topic described on the particular page, there’s always a link at the bottom.

Find inspiration in PPC Bee Demo Shop
Each user is automatically granted access to PPC Bee Demo Shop, as well as the organization they’ve been invited to or created themselves. It’s demo organization that includes several campaigns for different types of goods—electronics, books, cosmetics… You can go through the settings and see how we’d handle the particular products ourselves.

If you’d like to use the demo data to see what else PPC Bee can do, you can download product and category feeds for different types of goods in our e-shop

The online help we described above is rather technical in nature; it’ll tell you precisely where to find which button and what exactly it does. Our blog deals with individual functions in more detail and strives to give you a more comprehensive view of it, explaining which function is good for what, what it can give you, and how to get the most out of it.
And because we’re big fans of education and one of our big dreams involves turning PPC Bee Academy into a general education platform, our blog already contains articles that have nothing to do with marketing. Our team includes many skilled experienced people who pursue many different things. Why shouldn’t we share all that experience with others? :) 

Not a fan of reading? Check out our YouTube channel!
Not only does our YouTube channel have videos that will guide you through the process of setting a basic campaign, but we’re also preparing more detailed videos that will properly check each function out. Recently, we’ve given you the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with PPC Tuner and you can look forward to soon working with variables that allow you to easily modify feed data right in the app.

Social networks rule the world
And so we use them as well. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You will know not only all app news and events, but you can also ask us for advice or about anything that’s of interest to you. And if you think the app’s lacking something or you’d like to share your tips for improvement, we’d definitely love to hear from you!

Moreover, we’ve launched a special support Twitter account where you have the option of consulting us on many things regarding (not only) PPC Bee.

We’ll help you offline, too
Are you new to PPC Bee or simply need to refresh your memory? Then sign up for our workshop, always held on the first Tuesday of the month in our Smíchov offices. If demand is high, we can add additional dates.

And if the workshop dates don’t suit you, you need to train your whole team, or we’re too far away from you, we can come to you! Simply contact us at and we’ll figure something out.  

Simply put, we won’t leave you high and dry
But our support goes beyond that, still. We would never be able to function without you, our users. That’s why we always find a way to reach you and care about making sure you can safely reach us. We can meet in different ways than those described above—set up a conference or telephone call and help you optimize your campaigns… Anything can be solved and we’ll help you work it out. :)

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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