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After Christmas sales and how to prepare for them

Christmas shopping fever may be in full swing, but it’s still a good idea to start preparing for the fever that will follow—once Christmas Eve is over, after Christmas sales begin. And because Christmas is about peace and quiet, here are some tips for improving your campaigns right now so that you can put your feet up over the holidays.
Adam Vašenda
| Dec 5, 2019

Beginning of the sales

Launch your after Christmas sales campaigns as early as December 25. Once Christmas Eve is over, people begin looking for special offers on presents they wanted but didn’t get, or for ways to exchange a bad gift. There’s no point in waiting for January sales; start approaching your customers immediately.

New creatives and texts

Keep in mind that any creative must be tailored to after Christmas sales. Emphasize the creation of new creatives (banners and videos) to inform customers of after Christmas sales.

Creatives are closely related to texts. Don’t forget to make sure that all text ads are tailored to after Christmas sales and don’t contain anything related to Christmas special offers.

If you don’t feel like replacing text ads over the holidays, you can use PPC Bee’s ad schedule. All you need to do is create an ad text, set the ad schedule, and then move it to the first place in the ad text branch. This makes sure that your after Christmas ad replaces the general or Christmas ad in the desired period of time. After this period passes, the ads will be suspended upon synchronization and replaced with the general ones. You can deal with your ads for January sales in the exact same way.

Smart bidding and seasonality adjustments

If you employ smart bidding strategies, don’t forget to use the seasonality adjustments option in Google Ads. This allows you to inform the system of how much you expect the conversion rate to grow. Google Ads will then attempt to reach your target CPA over the defined period and achieve the desired results. 

Do you have any other tips and tricks for dealing with a sales season? Do you use ad schedule settings? And is there something that would make preparing for the sales craze easier for you but isn’t yet included in the app? You can share your ideas by contacting us at :) 

Adam Vašenda
Editor of PPC Bee

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