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FAQs – November Edition

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How do you remove or delete ad groups? And what happens when multiple CPC rules apply to a single product?
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Nov 15, 2019
Can you delete individual ad groups in PPC Bee? And if you can, how?
Sadly, this option isn’t available in PPC Bee at the moment. But since 1 group = 1 product, you can remove the product by setting corresponding conditions in the campaign product selection, or suspend the group manually in the ad system itself.

Can you set PPC Bee so that any product groups no longer in the feed aren’t paused, but automatically deleted?
Yes, it’s possible now. You can find the settings under the Google Ads settings tab. If you don’t like deleting these groups outright, no worries; you can still pause them, of course.

Which CPC rule takes precedence if a single item is subject to two different CPC rules?
In that case, the rule with a higher CPC value applies.

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Meet PPC Bee Dashboard

All important information in a single place. A dashboard is a feature that tells you whether an issue occurred, or if everything is all right, giving you comprehensive knowledge of what’s going on within the app. And, what’s more, it’s the place in the app where you are redirected right after signing in, so you don’t miss anything important ever again.

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PPC Bee Partner Talks with

Last week, we and our clients held the very first meeting from a planned series of events—PPC Bee Partner Talks. The pros running were invited to the first Partner Talk which offered an interesting program spanning an entire afternoon.

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Capitalization in Ads

In the past, PPC Bee automatically changed your capitalized words. Because of them your ads can be rejected (primarily by AdWords). There are, however, several clients whose brand name is comprised of uppercase letters, and there was no way for them to keep this in their ads. Thus we have decided to meet their needs and now we have enabled capitalized words in ads.

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