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We went to PPCEE; Here are some reasons why you should come the next year!

At the end of October, Bratislava’s Atelier Babylon held the 1st PPCEE, a conference for the whole of the CEE region. Naturally, we couldn’t miss out on it. Here’s a short summary of the things we found to be the most interesting.
Adam Vašenda
| Nov 6, 2019
The event was organized by Basta digital, a Slovak agency which managed to secure many interesting speakers not only from Slovakia, but also from Czechia, Hungary, Norway, Bulgaria, Austria, and Romania.

What was the most interesting? 

How can one save hundreds of Euros while running brand campaigns? That was the topic covered by Andrej Salner. Basta digital wrote their own Brand Protect Script which recommends brand campaigns to be turned either on, or off, using your brand’s organic search rankings and the competition’s ads for your brand’s keywords. Even though Brand Protect Script isn’t freely available, Andrej gave the attendees an option to test it. If your interest has been piqued, chance your luck and contact them. :) 

Ondřej Sláma from Adexpres presented a case study on IoT sensors and methods to draw up strategies in a short time frame. Ondra demonstrated ways to use various ad formats or compile project plans and concluded his talk with a long-awaited result summary. All participants now certainly know that thinking strategically, outside one’s tactical box, pays off.

Next, we were captivated by the presentation given by Tomáš Komárek, a freelancer who talked about using Excel and Power Query to assess what the highest-performance search ads are. He introduced the Abs. Top from Top % metric which helps find the most efficient ads. So if you’d like to keep looking for the best text variables, even though Google Ads no longer includes the Average Position metric, we recommend you go through Tomáš’s presentation (all presentations can be downloaded free of charge on PPCEE’s website).

Fragile’s Daniel Kafka talked about remarketing segmentation. What was especially interesting was the part about cultivating advanced audiences by making small changes to Sklik’s remarketing code, using Google Tag Manager. If you use Sklik’s remarketing option and would like to get even more out of it than before, definitely give the presentation a look.

The final highlight of the conference and a presentation that’s definitely worth mentioning was a talk by Regine Hemre from the Synlighet agency, having come to PPCEE all the way from Norway. Hemre gave the audience a few tips which can help you become the king of this year’s Christmas season. Most importantly, she talked about Discovery Ads, a new advertising format for Google apps, i.e. for YouTube, Google Discover, and Gmail. At the moment, Discovery Ads is available only as a beta version, though it already brings quite remarkable results. Regine also mentioned the frequently discussed issue of audience segmentation. If you want to run quality campaigns, audience segmentation is a must. Finally, she discussed creative aspects—thinking about what they look like and what they contain definitely won’t hurt. ;) 

These five highlights are by no means the only things we took away from the conference, but if we were to summarize everything, we’d still be slaving over this article tomorrow… As we already mentioned, if you’d like to learn more, you can download all presentations free of charge from PPCEE’s website. The last thing to add is that Basta digital can be proud of the 1st PPCEE. In fact, the conference was so well done that it ended up on our list of regularly attended events. Already looking forward to the next year!

Adam Vašenda
Editor of PPC Bee
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