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Automating Search Campaigns

Are you creating PPC search campaigns and looking for ways to make your job as easy as possible? Here’s a couple of useful tips to make it less difficult with campaign automation and save lots of time.
Adam Vašenda
| Oct 18, 2019
You don’t have to conjure your keywords out of thin air, or use only the names of your products. Instead, you can try different tools that suggest keywords to you, let you know what is being searched and how, and thus help you expand your basic phrase set. Use Sklik, Collabim, Marketing Miner, and other alternatives.

Testing ads
Google typically recommends that you use two ETAs (expanded text ads) and one RSA (responsive search ads). Naturally, you can use more ETAs and try different variations of headlines and captions to find out which one works best for you.

When it comes to testing, responsive search ads (RSA) are even better. A single ad can contain up to 15 headlines and 4 captions. Using machine learning, Google then tests ad combinations and finds out which ones are the most relevant to search queries.

Dynamic search ads
If you’d like to quickly and easily launch search campaigns for all your products, dynamic search ads (DSA) are the right choice. These ads use your website for targeting, allowing you to target individual categories, products, or the entire website. The ad’s headline and landing page are generated automatically; all you need to do is write captions for each ad. 

You can also decide either to let Google choose landing pages automatically, or to send a list of URL addresses for Google to target. In the case of large e-shops, managing the latter may be complicated. Fortunately, here’s where PPC Bee comes in. If you’re already using our tool, you can set up DSA campaigns for individual categories or products.

Smart bidding
Do you find yourself setting CPC over and over again? Give smart bidding a try! There are many bidding strategies—experiment to find out which one is the best for you. This relieves you from having to adjust bids and instead allows you to make your campaigns even better.

Do you need to report the results of your campaigns to your superior, and spend a lot of time each month doing it? Start using automated reports. Google Ads and Sklik include the option of creating automated summaries you can adjust to your needs and have regularly sent to your e-mail.

You could take it a step further, though, and draw up advance reports with Google Data Studio. Google Ads and Google Analytics can be connected to this tool. Even Sklik has its own connector at the ready. This allows you to monitor all important data and metrics in one place.

In conclusion
All these tips can help you automate your campaigns, and thus save lots of time which you can then spend doing other things—e.g. testing new creative solutions, creating new expansions, adding your audience’s RLSA, etc.

Smart bidding can maximize your performance while dynamic campaigns help with your dynamic campaigns. Additionally, RSA makes it easier for you to decide which variation of your ad texts is the best one. On a similar note, there’s no need for you to draw up new reports each month, mine data from your systems, or come up with new keywords all the time—there are many useful tools that can do this for you. :) 

Adam Vašenda
Editor of PPC Bee
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