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The summer is said to be a so-called silly season. But we don’t mind, and have prepared a truly silly load of new features and improvements!
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Jul 17, 2019
DSA campaigns, vol. 2! 
If you attended our birthday brunch or read about it on our blog, you know that it featured an announcement that we would soon offer a new DSA campaign solution which would allow you to bypass the 25 000 dynamic ad targets per account limit. We’ve successfully completed it, and now you can give it a try in the app for yourselves. Here you can learn how to go about it. 

Signing up and logging in with your Google account
Are you tired of constantly filling in your e-mail address and password when logging in? Now you can sign up or log into the app with your Google account.
Duplicating custom variables
Have you created a data source variable you’d like to use in other data sources, but don’t feel like going through the long process of re-creating it? Now you can duplicate it with a single click, both in the particular data source and into the other data sources within the organization. The option is available for all types of custom variables – text, numerical, or arrays. The duplication button can be found in the list of variables on the right.
Custom labels for DSA feed variable exports
When creating a DSA feed export, you now can use data source variables as custom labels.

New onboarding, or starting easy with PPC Bee 
Naturally, we didn’t forget about our new users who aren’t that familiar with the app yet. In order to make it easier for them to find their way around the application, we’ve divided the process of creating new organizations into three easy steps, with a clear brief help.
Setting up campaign display
In the campaign overview, you can decide whether you’d like to display all campaigns or just the active ones. PPC Bee now remembers these settings, and whenever you return to the page, your campaigns will be displayed the way you previously set up. The settings are maintained for each individual user, of course, not globally for the entire organization.

Clearer sections with linked accounts
Now you can filter out your linked ad system accounts to see only those which contain active campaigns – the same as if you were setting up your campaign displays.

Previewing Ad Customizers in ad texts
A lot of you were confused by Ad Customizer values in generated ad campaign previews since the values didn’t reflect the value of the particular product. Instead, they were represented by a general number. When you preview the Ad Customizer template now, you’ll see a specific value of the particular product.

And a lot of minor improvements that will ultimately save you heaps of time!
  • All dialogue windows and inline editors can be closed with the Escape key;
  • Sources in the data source overview can be sorted by the number of included products which aren’t used in any campaign;
  • Variable previews now show how many products from a particular data source contain the specific variable;
  • We’ve redesigned notifications of changes. Now they’re more legible and easier to navigate;
  • Product previews can be displayed even if the whole data source hasn’t synced up yet.

If you have any wish or tip for something which would make your work easier, or if you’d simply like to praise us for a job well done, don’t hesitate to contact us at :)

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