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PPC Bee celebrates its 3rd birthday!

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We’re celebrating!! For the past five years, we’ve been developing the tool that is becoming popular with increasing numbers of PPC specialists, e-shops, agencies, and e-commerce enthusiasts. And it’s been three years since we made matters officials, founded our own company, and hired a team to take care of PPC Bee and help with its development.
| Apr 28, 2018
As the CEO, I’ve spent three years with PPC Bee as well. Over time, we’ve underwent a great development not only in terms of the tool’s technology, but as people too. We follow several basic values which set our company, tool, and team members apart from any other tool in the browser tab where anonymous faces float in the background — our values make us partners to our clients for whom we pretty much live. Their success is our success. We work in a team whose members constantly strive to better themselves, learn, support and motivate one another. And last but not least, we work on things which make sense to us and which we enjoy constantly improving.

We are a company where clients often book a chair in order to be able to work in an environment where they can feel at home. For a couple of treasured moments, they become a part of our team We’ve turned into a tool trusted by the giants of Czech and foreign e-commerce whom we respect and see as a source of inspiration. After all, they’re the ones with the wishes and needs that we can quickly meet.

We’ve become a confident company, proud of everything it’s achieved and what it still plans to achieve. We don’t compare ourselves to our competition because we have our own journey and direction that belong only to us. What pleases us, though, is when others compare themselves to us since that is a sign we’re doing a good job.

We’ve become a team where job applicants like to spend all day because we make them feel as if they’ve been a part of it for a long time already. We’re a team whose members perfectly complement one another with their skills and experience; like a puzzle formed from unique personalities and characters.

We’re celebrating because we’re PPC Bee. We thank our clients, users, partners, and friends from the bottom of our heart for having helped us write our story.*xVOeK3DACtsfeBkLSKmCXA.jpeg*xVOeK3DACtsfeBkLSKmCXA.jpeg

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