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What’s New in PPC Bee

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Over the past two months, a lot of new features have been added to PPC Bee. Let’s briefly run through them.
| May 24, 2018
Campaign deletion now enabled

Is there a campaign in your account that you no longer use? If you have full access rights to your account, you can delete the campaign by yourself! An unsynchronized campaign can be also deleted by users with an access to product campaign management.

You’ll find the deletion button either in the campaign list, or directly inside.*4A4wOBKctZezWnl2w_QnvQ.png*4A4wOBKctZezWnl2w_QnvQ.png

Shortening routes in visible URLs

You surely know that PPC Bee can automatically and smartly shorten the headline of an ad text with a single click. The fact that it can do the same with the description of a promotional text is no mystery to you, either.

What is new, though, is that now we automatically shorten the text in visible URL addresses as well (route 1 and route 2). As always, the entered variable takes precedence, then we remove conjunctions/prepositions, and finally the entered text is shortened, always from the end.


You can now connect your Sklik account not only by your log-in information, but also through TOKEN. This is advantageous in the sense that you don’t handle any password at all, meaning that you don’t have to update it after changing it in Sklik.*HIg-uDBFBWNbPExTjA2ohA.png*HIg-uDBFBWNbPExTjA2ohA.png
Duplicating an entire branch of ad texts

When branching of ad texts was introduced, a question arose as to how their creation in other campaigns could be made faster. PPC Bee is a master of automation which is why it can immediately re-create the entire branch for you — in all campaigns if need be! You just have to choose where you’d like the branch to be duplicated.*z-TtkmQuNmNXfW5mPWKoNQ.png*z-TtkmQuNmNXfW5mPWKoNQ.png*rMSLMs_6pnWH1B8PlzlrDg.png*rMSLMs_6pnWH1B8PlzlrDg.png
Exceptions for weapons

Apart from requesting exceptions for trademarks and pharmaceutical products, you can now also go to the AdWords settings and turn on automatic requests for making exceptions for weapon names in your ads. You may still not advertise explosives, but if your ad concerns a different type of goods with the “word” bomb in the title, we’ll automatically make sure you’re clear to go.

Example: Baťa Bullets would not be approved by AdWords. However, because you’re not advertising ammunition but shoes in this case, the ad will be approved by AdWords if you turn on Exceptions for weapons — the product ad will start running.*34EEgVK-oaij7aIkMZapwQ.png*34EEgVK-oaij7aIkMZapwQ.png

Capital letters in variables

We added the option to use capital letters in ads. As the caption of the “enable/disable editing capital letters as a part of validation” button explains: by turning this function on you allow PPC Bee to keep an eye on capital letters in ads: the maximum number of capital letters per ad is 8. You can have 4 capital letters in a word at most.*4cr6VxsxRANkAkKUNOZ4_w.png*4cr6VxsxRANkAkKUNOZ4_w.png

In the ad displayed above, there’s an excess of capital letters. PPC Bee will automatically edit the in Egypt variable to a lowercase in egypt.

By disabling the “Edit letter case” function, the in Egypt will remain as is in the data source.

Preview in product headings (in data source)

Have you grown to like variable statistics? Now you can find them in the data source preview as well:*VVelll_lvurEaQf6XNnnMQ.png*VVelll_lvurEaQf6XNnnMQ.png

Histogram of the length of the first word has been now added to statistics.*luGRQvstcWNl_uxqon0jNg.png*luGRQvstcWNl_uxqon0jNg.png

Monitoring + numbers in product overviews

PPC Bee displays accurate generator monitoring and preview data. It keeps an eye on the number of products in generators (as well as on percentages) or on your most successful template which you can supervise using our monitoring. Which template helps you improve the campaign performance the most?

PPC Bee courses

From March to April, we conducted 33 PPC Bee courses which were passed by over 140 people! That’s a lot of new PPC Bee experts from e-shops and agencies from several countries!*y4OtrTK0Wgicii2mMt13ng.jpeg*y4OtrTK0Wgicii2mMt13ng.jpeg

GOOGLE Premier Partner

That’s a lot of new features, many courses… but it still wasn’t enough for us. And so we stepped on it in April, fulfilled all requirements, and made PPC Bee a certified Google Premier Partner!*WIFdmBBhYvHCz67pAX6NLQ.png*WIFdmBBhYvHCz67pAX6NLQ.png

We’re looking for a new team member!

We’re looking for new colleagues who woud like to join our PPC Bee team — one who would help us with customer care, and one who would be responsible for the quality of our application. Do you know of anybody qualified to assume the offered positions? Are you interested in one of them yourself? Get in touch with us! We’ll make an appoitnment and discuss everything over a cup of coffee!

Low seasons don’t apply to us, and so we’ll soon report to you with another batch of news, related to the ap and everything surrounding it!

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