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Summer News from PPC Bee

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PPC Bee hive is a really busy place. Who saw or used the application a year ago, could notice great progress in the development of the application in its form and in its communication with the world. Primarily in recent months, we have put the pedal to the metal, so now we can introduce a lot of changes, tweaks, and innovations to you arising in many cases thanks to feedback from users, clients, and fans. So what’s new?
| Aug 4, 2016
The changes in the application are numerous. Let’s have a closer look at them:
  • Faster synchronization: we shortened the synchronization time for most campaigns from hours to minutes.
  • Update AdWords API — we have switched to the latest version.
  • For linked accounts we know their currency: the currency will be displayed when adjusting CPC and budget, so you will know whether you enter values in EUR or CZK.
  • Modified match: you can create keywords in the modified match.*EFcZjyHPyuAWC0Ix.png*EFcZjyHPyuAWC0Ix.png

  • Generating negative keywords disabled: from now on you are setting negative keywords in AdWords and Sklik manually at both levels, campaign and ad group, and PPC Bee will not delete it.
  • Synchronization of the budget for a campaign can be disabled: if you need to change the campaign budget in advertising systems, from now on you can do so and the budget from PPC Bee applies only when creating a new campaign.
  • CPC synchronization in an ad group can be disabled: if you need to change the CPC of ad groups, from now on you can do so — CPC from PPC Bee applies only when creating an ad group. As a result, you can use automated rules or external bidding tools.
  • Deletion of keywords (which were not generated in PPC Bee, but manually added in Sklik and AdWords) can be disabled: do you need to add keywords to PPC Bee ad groups? You can do so now and PPC Bee will delete only the keywords created by itself.*iQwrZxcCmiRL9km1.png*iQwrZxcCmiRL9km1.png

  • A user’s account can be deleted — in case you want to remove your user account, you can use the danger zone through which you can do so easily. However, to be honest, once you start using PPC Bee, you will have no reason to do so ;)
  • Chat with Client support — no matter the situation you get into while working in the application, our client support Nelly is ready to solve everything with you via mail, phone, and our new chat.
  • We have changed the PPC Bee appearance. We added:

New menu, User profile and Danger zone:*gMg38uiSevKc0bs5.png*gMg38uiSevKc0bs5.png

Improved list of product groups and trademarks:*iYeqQjx5onayb-qw.png*iYeqQjx5onayb-qw.png*pEBH7PvOFyzznbQB.png*pEBH7PvOFyzznbQB.png

Another innovation is a system of invitations to the organization within the application or a mailing system. You will see this when you get a message or notification from PPC Bee.
PPC Bee is now presented on a new website. Its yellow and black appearance was designed by Blueberry, however, its strong points are communication elements that allow the interested person/user to contact us easily. You can use the fast e-mail form, or even faster chat window, where PPC Bee client support is available.*6QJY-BZPmHC3pUaS.png*6QJY-BZPmHC3pUaS.png

Our offer is not a pig in a poke, but a bee for one month for free, i.e. you can try the application in full and with all the advantages for one month gratis! Test it yourself at

New is also this blog. Here we will keep you first-hand informed about what is new in and around PPC Bee.

This summer is full of workshops and training sessions in which we will show our potential clients how to use PPC Bee, how to customize it properly and what it can do. Clients using it already will find useful an in-depth training focusing on various features and innovations. Or we can just concentrate on what you are the least successful in and what needs to be improved to reach even greater benefits! If you are interested in such a training or workshop, let us know at, we will negotiate a date, find your preferences, and help you work effectively with PPC Bee. 8 agencies and almost 45 PPC specialists have already appreciated it!

Hint from PPC Bee:

In PPC Bee you can work i. a. with regular expressions. Thus we recommend to have a look at our earlier but still relevant contribution on PPC Bee RegExp.There are explanations and examples of usage. It is one of our most powerful features that saves a lot of your time.

Let us know how you like the PPC Bee news. At the same time, we welcome all suggestions and ideas how to move the PPC Bee on.

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