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Meet our Wizard - guide through PPC Bee

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Thick manuals are boring to tears. Although our manual is nice and clear, we still thought we can do something else. Therefore, now we can introduce our Wizard to you — a practical, simple and fast guide through setting up the PPC Bee.
| Oct 15, 2015
Wizard automatically appears before creating your first product campaign right below the main menu.*faodNvJicNplGgjL.png*faodNvJicNplGgjL.png

The PPC Bee Wizard guides you step by step through the basic setup of PPC Bee so that you don’t forget anything important. At the end of the process, you have created your first product campaign.

The first step is adding a data source. From there PPC Bee takes data about all the products and updates them regularly.*2c8CJaL4jLfGOHYP.png*2c8CJaL4jLfGOHYP.png

After the products are loaded, name this new product group and define conditions to select products for creating ads.*_dYUrMKFqyRaJNaZ.png*_dYUrMKFqyRaJNaZ.png

Set up a key to generate keywords. Add prefixes and suffixes as you like, insert any words or variables that will be used by your potential clients to search for your products.*8n6_8eDqWVqU7GOF.png*8n6_8eDqWVqU7GOF.png

Create an eye-catching ad that attracts attention. PPC Bee itself will insert individual product names and current prices into it.*tFI0XZYCQKJEPJSd.png*tFI0XZYCQKJEPJSd.png

Select the level of your budget, CPC, location and other settings within the PPC Bee. It then takes care of setting the advertising systems (AdWords, Sklik).*bmPZ9a3pfvLaXNtj.png*bmPZ9a3pfvLaXNtj.png

Try to generate the entire product group and see how the result looks like. You will then better understand what keywords and ads will be produced by your set generators.*gHEOKZYyG9N8F_Im.png*gHEOKZYyG9N8F_Im.png

Dont´t forget to connect PPC Bee with the advertising system!*luXI9sn9m6YYMTWk.png*luXI9sn9m6YYMTWk.png

Now, just start synchronization with the advertising system and you’re done!*XyNGGm7k4SXnQf_k.png*XyNGGm7k4SXnQf_k.png

Let us know how you like working with the Wizard at

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