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Fall News from PPC Bee

Fresh fall breeze has not only brought leaves but also a number of innovations in PPC Bee, including those that have improved the application functionality and those that happened after we lifted our heads up from the computer. Besides being blown to the TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco by the need to spread the news about PPC Bee, we worked on a transparent monitoring and other little things.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Nov 10, 2015

In September, we packed our bags, business cards and the application and left to (re)present PPC Bee in San Francisco at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. The name already suggests that disruptive projects, for which investors would like to see a billion-dollar potential, are tried to be sold here. And you cannot get ready for that in terms of days. Although PPC Bee has undergone some two years of development, we have turned up the heat properly just about six months ago. That was, among other things, in order to be able to present at TCD the best of what could be achieved by that time. We were developing, stabilizing, accelerating, consulting our clients, gaining feedback, learning to respond quickly to specific customer needs, improving and polishing the user interface… shortly put, we were really busy during those six months. Thanks to this, PPC Bee was tuned in terms of software as well as UX and UI. We can honestly say that we managed to make the application ready. When Hanka and Ondra went overseas, we were confident that they were also ready to introduce PPC Bee to the world as it is right and proper. What it was like, what they took from the conference and why it was good for PPC Bee — you can find these in the reports published in our blog (Day 3).*r1Edw17lPKBVYKaM.jpg*r1Edw17lPKBVYKaM.jpg

Part of our strategy is “to be noticeable”. We are sure that we have something worth noticing and PPC Bee definitely deserves to be noticed. Such conferences, not just those taking place overseas, are in particular good for networking. Thus we did not hesitate to visit the October e-commerce trade fair of IX Targi eHandlu in Warsaw, which is the largest one in Central and Eastern Europe. It was held in a spectacular football tabernacle, i.e. at the Warsaw National Stadium, where UEFA EURO culminated three years ago. Instead of the typical clacking of boots, the inside of the stadium was filled with chatter about technology and purchases because the area welcomed some 4000 visitors and 150 exhibitors. In the capital of Poland, we were represented by Nelly who is already known by some of you from PPC Bee user support. Although we brought some interesting contacts and potential clients, at times we also communicated using our arms and legs because not everyone at the conference spoke English. And none of us speaks Polish. From Warsaw, we have brought another valuable lesson: The more languages you speak, the more sales pitches you can spread!

Fall News in the Application

After rather furious six months we are not easing up even in the fall. This allows us to introduce several innovations. The first one is the Wizard — a guide helping you to create a product campaign in PPC Bee. Let’s revise what the Wizard is good for and how it can help you streamline your steps through the application.*e5f_sY3dvYmeJCII.png*e5f_sY3dvYmeJCII.png

In the future, we will work on re-using the Wizard as a sort of template which you will be able to use to set all your product campaigns, not just the first one.

The second, much more significant novelty is the start of monitoring in the application. What does it do? Why do we believe that it will help you manage your campaigns? Every good marketer knows that when having no data overview, his work is more like slapping a still water surface, it’s hard to tell what the effect is. And that is why we have added monitoring to PPC Bee which clearly and in one place shows statistics on the levels of your account, campaigns, ad groups, ad texts and keywords from both, Sklik and AdWords.

You can access the monitoring easily via the main menu.

A well organized dashboard, which can be divided into three sections, appears before you:

1. filter settings, basis for the required statistical data to be displayed.*mT6SFT_paQc5iEPz.png*mT6SFT_paQc5iEPz.png

Are you interested in Sklik data only? Or do you want to know how your AdWords campaigns are doing? Would you like to check both? Choose for yourself!

In addition, you can choose to have displayed PPC Bee campaigns only, select the desired currency (we will recalculate prices to the single currency at the exchange rate of the day. And watch out, you can have your campaigns in EUR, CZK or USD, but smart PPC Bee shows everything converted into a single currency!) You can view the information by days, weeks, months or years. The new version of monitoring works with your data starting from September 2015. You can view statistics for your required period.*Cu0qnpIQJvCxaJuJ.png*Cu0qnpIQJvCxaJuJ.png

2. To be able to read data at a glance, you will definitely appreciate a clear line chart in which you can select what you are really interested in only. In the chart you can see the click count, average position, impression count, cost, CTR, CPC, conversion count, transaction count, their value and price per transaction, as well as PNO. All of them together in the same place as the cups in the cupboard!*_SbltidMEx9hzoZd.png*_SbltidMEx9hzoZd.png

3. Statistics can be viewed at the level of user’s account, campaign, ad group, keyword and advertising texts as well as advertising texts — templates. In the third section –tables — you can crisscross everything. Either you are switching from one tab to another, or clicking through from selected items in the table to reach the desired level (campaign group, keyword, ad text).*eQZgrTA7PjY0OTFM.png*eQZgrTA7PjY0OTFM.png

We hope this will not sound presumptuous and self-centered, but we are really happy about the monitoring feature. Pity, we aren’t standing on the other side of the barricades as marketers watching with satisfaction how the application handles all the data in one place.

We paid special attention to the monitoring, we wished to improve data processing, user interface and the very data visualization. Someone uses relaxing coloring book for adults to calm down, we now simply gaze into the statistics of PPC Bee!

And since we are going to work on automatic reporting directly to your mailbox, be sure to let us know how you like monitoring! Feedback is very important to us.

Training for our existing and potential clients about PPC Bee keeps going on in the fall. These trainings are beneficial for both, for you as well as for us to a large extent, because we get great feedback there and we discover your needs. Hopefully, we manage to flexibly respond to the stimuli. At the last training we also learned that you would appreciate a percentage of products for which keywords are generated based on the defined conditions within the keywords generator. And voila! There it is!*_QOsYQ3IeMQGU0qR.png*_QOsYQ3IeMQGU0qR.png

This is one of those minor adjustments, but we hope it will make your work a bit more transparent.

In general, we are now working on simplifying the entire portion including conditions setting in the keywords generator. We understand that regular expressions and mathematical operations are not winners of the “Miss User-friendliness” competition, so it is going to undergo a kind of a beauty cure soon.

Don’t forget to let us know how you like working with the innovations in the application, how well you manage product campaigns with PPC Bee, what features you miss, and why you simply can not live without PPC Bee in the future.

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Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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