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Introducing SiteLinks

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At the last PPC Offline meeting we promised to prepare one of the major functionalities — sitelinks — by the Christmas Eve. The first user clicked through the Sitelinks at Christmas midnight. Other users followed and helped us take the first few flies out of the ointment. Well, we have to admit that some flies were still in at the beginning of the new year :)
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Jan 29, 2016
Have a look at our sitelinks, and primarily try them! You can find them in the application of Advanced settings.*Q3ctz0p9MQ1ZKqB-.png*Q3ctz0p9MQ1ZKqB-.png

Sitelinks are a solution to extend standard advertising by other links. Most often you can hereby add links to other subpages, leading users to a particular piece of information, menu, etc. Or at least they can enrich their awareness by what else they could be interested in.*zNPzKm2fPcSUGxD4.png*zNPzKm2fPcSUGxD4.png

Sitelinks can be created at two levels — for individual ad groups or for the entire campaign. Sitelinks for the campaign are “inherited” by all the ad groups as well.*AjYRZO1rS7YL3AiR.png*AjYRZO1rS7YL3AiR.png

But if you set sitelinks for individual ad groups, they will be prioritized over campaign sitelinks.

Sitelinks only appear in top positions and if you choose targeted links well, attractive for customers, they will increase your CTR of the entire advertisement.

Configuring sitelinks in PPC Bee

Choose whether you want to create sitelinks for both systems together, or separately for each of them. Choose a heading with a maximum of 25 characters. If one line is not enough, you have two more, which are optional, but be careful, this works in AdWords only.*e7sjWSFuPAD1RemE.png*e7sjWSFuPAD1RemE.png

You can use variables from feed in sitelinks for ad groups, or apply conditions to match the sitelinks to a selected group of products only.

Then choose the desired URL, assign UTM parameters just like in advertisements and your sitelink may fly into the world!

You can monitor your sitelinks’ appearance as always in automatically generated previews next to sitelink setup.

In case you dislike any sitelink, edit/delete it directly in PPC Bee. If you change it manually in AdWords/Sklik, PPC Bee will add it again as a new one. You can add any sitelinks in AdWords/Sklik manually, PPC Bee is not going to change them.

Tried already? Share your the comments below.

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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