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Variables’ Data Report

Working with variables is present in the entire PPC Bee campaign setting. Ad texts or generators without variables are like hives with no bees. Do you, however, know exactly what’s really behind the brand, productname, or priceminvariables?
We have an idea — in the previews and below the data source, we can browse
products and see at least part of what data are hidden under the variables.

But have you ever thought about what values belong to the variables in their greatest representation? Or in what price range do the products fluctuate? And what about the text length of individual variables?

You will now have all these data available. We included the variables’ data reports in the application, and they are filtered according to the conditions set for the specific product campaign. Have you already come across it? They are placed wherever you work with variables: ad text, keyword generator, custom variables, site links, hierarchy, or custom UTM parameters. Can you see them now?*9eYDBO7dHpA8R1Ou.png*9eYDBO7dHpA8R1Ou.png

After clicking the report icon next to the variable name, the following data will appear:*NdKa5ZzBdgkAqCp-.png*NdKa5ZzBdgkAqCp-.png

Data generate a report for items that have more than 1 % representation in a
particular product campaign.

In addition to the number of products in the given entity, we show the percentage ratio and chart showing the proportion of its representation in the campaign.*1gTfvD-ytuYCiq2X.png*1gTfvD-ytuYCiq2X.png

You can also find a histogram of text lengths above the chart. This shows the
representation of individual products according to the number of characters of the variable.

The report can help you get a better understanding of what data you are working with, leading to more operations and campaign optimization.

For example:

High representation of high-priced products.Output: Set separate bidding.Zero representation of the product category you wanted to include in the campaign.Output: The campaign needs to be reviewed and the settings adjusted

As always, if you need more info about this new feature, let us know via chat or at We look forward to your feedback.

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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