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2018 — a year of expansion and growth without people

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In late February, at the very first meeting with our clients, we introduced our vision for the future as well as specific news, which clients will be able to enjoy this year.
Michaela Zákopčaníková
| Apr 17, 2018

The development roadmap for a given year is always compiled of a fixed and a flexible component with a ratio of 40 % to 60 %. The fixed component includes tasks that cannot be avoided, such as regularly updating APIs of advertising systems, development of the admin background, implementation of scheduled AdWords, Sklik and Bing innovations, etc. The fixed component also includes items that our developers would like to add to our app in correlation with our strategy, vision, and current trends.

The flexible proportion of roadmap reflects the needs and wishes of our clients. Working with a tool often results in feedback and recommendations that bring ideas for improvement and refinements. If these ideas make sense to us and the rest of the clients and we believe that other users will appreciate them, too, then these are included in our development roadmap. Just as a human body is composed of water and cannot exist without it, PPC Bee is composed of the needs and wishes of our clients — one wouldn’t survive without the other.

Let’s take a look at new features that will be added to PPC Bee in 2018:

1. Design for better usability
— the application will have a more intuitive user interface, a more user-friendly environment, and will offer a better user experience overall.

2. Support knowledge base
— users will be able to find help and support in many forms and in various places. This includes finding answers to every request in the form of a manual, a blog post, videos, webinars, best practices, via chat or mail, on our website, in the app as well as on YouTube.

3. So far, our focus has been on search advertising. But we kept thinking — how can we get our clients ahead of their competitors? How can they get even more conversions out of our application? So we aimed a bit higher and are expanding the scope of our application to Product Listing Ads!*Q49x-t0a_GmwRLMnFqGu3A.png*Q49x-t0a_GmwRLMnFqGu3A.png*pGBkExl2C-4jxJXp9vPKEg.png*pGBkExl2C-4jxJXp9vPKEg.png

4. Another extremely attractive news item is that users will soon be able to run DSA campaigns on individual products — automatic KWs, automatic headlines and the opportunity to choose individual selling points for each product. We are forcing as much automation into DSAs as possible!*_1-pwPMSkvA-1twEYCd4kw.png*_1-pwPMSkvA-1twEYCd4kw.png

5. For over a year we have been developing a PPC Tuner to allow for greater automation in the field of campaign optimization and quality control.PPC Tuner is targeting poorly performing keywords, ad texts, or entire product groups occurring as a result of automated creation. PPC Tuner further recommends new features and product group improvements.

The goal is nothing other than saving our clients’ budgets and improving the performance of ad campaigns created in PPC Bee. Ever since its introduction, we have a queue of interested parties longing to utilize our PPC Tuner! We are currently entering the testing phase with selected clients.

6. Among the other news are taking a closer look at remarketing, an audit, as well as an error log, will be added to the application and PPC Bee is being integrated into Shopify.

2018 is not just a year of new features for us, but we also have great plans for international expansion. In the first phase, we go wherever our clients go, which is 16 countries for now.*FcVgCPoBhP35L_RQqldNQQ.png*FcVgCPoBhP35L_RQqldNQQ.png

If you think we need a team of dozens of people for all of this, then you’re wrong: only 8 people work agilely in our core team, while we further involve about 30 more external collaborators in relevant activities. We are planning to increase our core team this year by 3 to 5 people in key positions. Otherwise, we seek to grow without people, meaning that we are increasingly adopting our activities in a way that will not require human involvement, e.g. changes in our tariffs where “human” support will only be available in a limited number of cases.

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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