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AdWords versus Drugs

From now on you can also manage campaigns for pharmaceutical products in PPC Bee without worrying that your AdWords account will be suspended. Nevertheless, for products that do not comply with AdWords, advertising texts will not be copied.
In early June, the European part of AdWords focused on campaigns targeted at drugs and other pharmaceutical products. Maybe you are just the ones racking their brains over it and wondering what to do.

Unexpectedly, already approved advertising texts stopped working, and in creating new ones no exceptions were authorized. Subsequently, when using a tool to manage product campaigns that generated a large amount of advertising texts with exceptions, AdWords began to threaten with account deletion. Unfortunately, it concerned PPC Bee, too.

Solution for most of our clients was suspending their campaigns and then turning off synchronization in connected accounts.

This resulted in a drop in profit. We were wondering, however, that some products in the existing campaigns were able to keep running. Just creating advertising texts requesting exceptions was not allowed.

We listened to your complaints, but the problem, which is not on our part, is not easy to solve. But then we turned the tables and invented how to get out of this awkward situation. Let us first look at how the process of creating advertising texts in Bee PPC or AdWords Editor works:
  • An advertising text is created.
  • The advertising text is sent to API.
  • The advertising text returns with information about Policy Violation.
  • An exception is requested:
  • Click the “exception request” in AdWords Editor.
  • PPC Bee automatically requests exceptions for all advertising texts.
  • The advertising text is re-sent into AdWords with the added exception request.

Only after this process the advertising text appears in AdWords with a status of “pending approval”.

We thought we might turn off this request on the part of PPC Bee (for “AdWords product groups setting”), namely in two cases:
trademarks and pharmaceutical products.*ypRA5JL-p3xA5tX6.png*ypRA5JL-p3xA5tX6.png

As a result, advertising texts that need exceptions are not even created in AdWords!

We understand that a problem with campaigns for pharmaceutical products can give you a hard time, so the default product group setting in PPC BeeDOES NOT REQUEST exceptions. On the other hand, the default setting for trademarks is on.

You may reason: is managing campaigns that have no advertising texts worth it? We think it is, but we also think that it depends on the products you are targeting at.

Let us know at how happy you are using this solution.

Michaela Zákopčaníková
Editor of PPC Bee
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