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Expanded text Ads (ETA) for AdWords Are Here

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We not only listen to the needs and wishes of our clients, but also respond to the news we are confronted with by AdWords and Sklik. This time Expanded Text Ads (ETA) occurred in AdWords. Starting from today they are available in the PPC Bee interface as well.
| Sep 26, 2016
Expanded Text Ads in PPC Bee will be available in the following phases:

Phase 1

ETA will be available in PPC Bee from 7 September 2016. From this day on you can choose whether you want to use them for AdWords, or to stay with the original — “short ads”.*HLtJBGOJjgAtlkP2.png*HLtJBGOJjgAtlkP2.png

“Create Text Ad”
button allows you to create text ads that you have been used to so far. In the settings you select whether you want to use it for Sklik and / or AdWords.*LVqYG0W6ruwUesMP.png*LVqYG0W6ruwUesMP.png

“Create Expanded Text Ad”
allows you to create expanded text ads which are applicable for AdWords only. We tried to design the interface for creating it to resemble that in AdWords. Thus, if you are familiar with it, you will not be surprised in PPC Bee.


From 26 October 2016
PPC Bee will allow only creating expanded text ads for AdWords. It will work similarly to AdWords: creating of the old format ads will not be available. The ads created before will remain active, nevertheless, take into account their poor performance in contrast to the expanded text ads that will probably be used by your competitors. Therefore, rewriting and modifying your original text ads into the expanded format is recommended.

Phase 3

From the beginning of January 2017, expanded text ads will be available for Sklik as well. We will keep you informed about the news in PPC Bee.

Creating ETA in PPC Bee

You can have a look at the “new” interface in the application right now.*sRmGVcvw7lmkxBPm.png*sRmGVcvw7lmkxBPm.png

Expanded text ad contains the following:
  • Headline 1 contains a minimum of 3 and maximum of 30 characters
  • Headline 2 contains a minimum of 3 and maximum of 30 characters
  • Path 1 and path 2 can be left blank.
  • Description contains a minimum of 3 and maximum of 80 characters.
  • URL after the slash 15 + 15 characters

We will monitor the number of characters in each row for you — just like are used to when writing your ads in PPC Bee. If you exceed it, an error appears in the preview:*HNTVp9GHt9glMHWS.png*HNTVp9GHt9glMHWS.png

You can delete, edit, duplicate, suspend… ETA, just do everything as with the original version of the ad. Including specification of the conditions to show the ad.*6A3TW3ii05PRUxYy.png*6A3TW3ii05PRUxYy.png

Try ETA to see, how it goes. Our support is ready in case you discover any problems or if you just don’t know. We will do our utmost to make your transition to ETA as smooth as possible.

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